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Reliable Entity ID and Spawn Particle help


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I am working on making a mob entity that will attempt to find a mate for itself. This type of animal mates for life so obviously I need a way to save which entity is mated to which. I attempted to do it much like entities save their owner (using player.getUsername), but instead of username, because animals don't have usernames, I was using EntityID, since this also must be unique. This works great the first time and the AI with it, but if I reload the world, the entity Id's of all my animal's are different.


Because of this, they re-mate. If I re-load the world, this happens again. I can't seem to find a way to create a consistent and guaranteed unique way to do this. Does anyone else have any ideas how to do this?


My second issue is, when the animal first finds a mate, I would like it to release a couple heart particles, like wolves and other minecraft animals do while doing hanky panky activities. I used the following code (from EntityAIMate)


Random var2 = this.theAnimal.getRNG();

            for (int var3 = 0; var3 < 7; ++var3)
                double var4 = var2.nextGaussian() * 0.02D;
                double var6 = var2.nextGaussian() * 0.02D;
                double var8 = var2.nextGaussian() * 0.02D;
                this.theWorld.spawnParticle("heart", this.theAnimal.posX + (double)(var2.nextFloat() * this.theAnimal.width * 2.0F) - (double)this.theAnimal.width, this.theAnimal.posY + 0.5D + (double)(var2.nextFloat() * this.theAnimal.height), this.theAnimal.posZ + (double)(var2.nextFloat() * this.theAnimal.width * 2.0F) - (double)this.theAnimal.width, var4, var6, var8);


But this didn't work. Anyone know anything to help?


Thanks in advanced for any and all help!

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You are probably spawning the particles on the server side, which doesn't do anything.


I guess that is possible, but the EntityAIMate works exactly the same way, using the same function that I'm using and running the same code, so if that works (and yes I checked, it does), I don't see why mine would run on the server side. I'll see if I can check for that though. Thank you

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