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Unable to set NBT Tag to an EntityItem


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I am trying to create a container/tile entity for a block I am making. I have been following a tutorial that described it step by step. I followed the tutorial to the word and somehow I still have an error with setting an NBT tag to an item, even when in the tutorial, there are no errors.


Here is the code for the method involved:


private void dropItems(World world, int x, int y, int z){
        Random rand = new Random();
        TileEntity tile_entity = world.getBlockTileEntity(x, y, z);
        if(!(tile_entity instanceof IInventory)){

        IInventory inventory = (IInventory) tile_entity;

        for(int i = 0; i < inventory.getSizeInventory(); i++){
                ItemStack item = inventory.getStackInSlot(i);
                if(item != null && item.stackSize > 0){
                float rx = rand.nextFloat() * 0.6F + 0.1F;
                float ry = rand.nextFloat() * 0.6F + 0.1F;
                float rz = rand.nextFloat() * 0.6F + 0.1F;
                EntityItem entity_item = new EntityItem(world, x + rx, y + ry, z + rz, new ItemStack(item.itemID, item.stackSize, item.getItemDamage()));
                        entity_item.item.setTagCompound((NBTTagCompound) item.getTagCompound().copy());

                float factor = 0.5F;
                entity_item.motionX = rand.nextGaussian() * factor;
                entity_item.motionY = rand.nextGaussian() * factor + 0.2F;
                entity_item.motionZ = rand.nextGaussian() * factor;
                item.stackSize = 0;


The affected line is

entity_item.item.setTagCompound((NBTTagCompound) item.getTagCompound().copy());


More specifically, there is an error in the .item. part saying "Item cannot be resolved or is not a field". I checked the Containers and GUIs tutorial on the wiki, but all they have in that place is .func_92014_d(). which is hardly helpful.


Does anyone have any idea what to do? Thanks!

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