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[1.11.2] Rendering Custom Armor Model


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I tried having a go at custom armor models, as it seemed fairly simple.

I followed this tutorial, which was made for 1.10.2. Has something major changed in 1.11, or am I just messing up once again? Anyway, my problem is the armor gets rendered very weirdly.

Here, some pictures:




The first picture shows a model of simple boots, as I modeled them in Techne. I made the positions of all the parts the same as the legs, and I changed the offset, just like described in the tutorial.


















However, Ingame, it shows up like this:




The boots are streched out weirdly, and some other part is showing below the player that I didn't model. The boots also don't have a back-texture (I used the default generated texture)














Also, while moving it looks like this:



As you can see, the part that is correct is not moving with the legs, however the part that magically appeared is moving... O.o


















This is my ItemArmor class:

package tschipp.forgottenitems.items;

import java.util.List;

import javax.annotation.Nullable;

import tschipp.forgottenitems.FIM;
import tschipp.forgottenitems.models.ModelCushionedBoots;
import tschipp.forgottenitems.models.ModelGolemArmor;
import tschipp.forgottenitems.util.FIHelper;
import net.minecraft.client.model.ModelBiped;
import net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase;
import net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayer;
import net.minecraft.inventory.EntityEquipmentSlot;
import net.minecraft.item.ItemArmor;
import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack;
import net.minecraft.util.ActionResult;
import net.minecraft.util.EnumActionResult;
import net.minecraft.util.EnumHand;
import net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation;
import net.minecraft.util.text.TextFormatting;
import net.minecraft.util.text.translation.I18n;
import net.minecraft.world.World;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.Side;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.SideOnly;

public class ItemCushionedBoots extends ItemArmor {

	public ItemCushionedBoots(ArmorMaterial material) {
		super(material, 1, EntityEquipmentSlot.FEET);

	private void registerItem(String name)
		GameRegistry.register(this, new ResourceLocation(FIM.MODID + ":" + name));
	public String getItemStackDisplayName(ItemStack stack)
		return "" + TextFormatting.RED + I18n.translateToLocal(this.getUnlocalizedNameInefficiently(stack) + ".name");

	public void addInformation(ItemStack stack, EntityPlayer playerIn, List<String> tooltip, boolean advanced)
		tooltip.add("Softens your fall");
	public ModelBiped getArmorModel(EntityLivingBase living, ItemStack stack, EntityEquipmentSlot slot, ModelBiped defaultModel)
			if(stack.getItem() instanceof ItemArmor)
				ModelCushionedBoots armorModel = FIM.proxy.getCushionedBootsModel();

				armorModel.bipedRightLeg.showModel = slot == EntityEquipmentSlot.FEET;
				armorModel.bipedLeftLeg.showModel = slot == EntityEquipmentSlot.FEET;

				armorModel.isSneak = defaultModel.isSneak;
				armorModel.isRiding = defaultModel.isRiding;
				armorModel.isChild = defaultModel.isChild;

				armorModel.rightArmPose = defaultModel.rightArmPose;
				armorModel.leftArmPose = defaultModel.leftArmPose;

				return armorModel;
		return null;

	public ActionResult<ItemStack> onItemRightClick(World world, EntityPlayer player, EnumHand hand)
		if(player.isSneaking() && !world.isRemote && player.isCreative())
			FIHelper.printCraftingRecipe(world, player, 19);
		return new ActionResult(EnumActionResult.SUCCESS, player.getHeldItem(hand));



And this is the model:

// Date: 16.02.2017 21:54:36
// Template version 1.1
// Java generated by Techne
// Keep in mind that you still need to fill in some blanks
// - ZeuX

package tschipp.forgottenitems.models;

import net.minecraft.client.model.ModelBiped;
import net.minecraft.client.model.ModelRenderer;
import net.minecraft.entity.Entity;

public class ModelCushionedBoots extends ModelBiped
	private ModelRenderer Right1;
	private ModelRenderer Left1;
	private ModelRenderer Right2;
	private ModelRenderer Left2;

	public ModelCushionedBoots(float scale)
		super(scale, 0, 64, 64);
		textureWidth = 64;
		textureHeight = 64;

		Right1 = new ModelRenderer(this, 36, 0);
		Right1.addBox(-3F, 10F, -5F, 5, 2, 8);
		Right1.setRotationPoint(-2F, 12F, 0F);
		Right1.setTextureSize(64, 64);
		Right1.mirror = true;
		setRotation(Right1, 0F, 0F, 0F);
		Left1 = new ModelRenderer(this, 36, 0);
		Left1.addBox(-2F, 10F, -5F, 5, 2, 8);
		Left1.setRotationPoint(2F, 12F, 0F);
		Left1.setTextureSize(64, 64);
		Left1.mirror = true;
		setRotation(Left1, 0F, 0F, 0F);
		Right2 = new ModelRenderer(this, 0, 0);
		Right2.addBox(-3F, 7F, -3F, 5, 3, 6);
		Right2.setRotationPoint(-2F, 12F, 0F);
		Right2.setTextureSize(64, 64);
		Right2.mirror = true;
		setRotation(Right2, 0F, 0F, 0F);
		Left2 = new ModelRenderer(this, 0, 0);
		Left2.addBox(-2F, 7F, -3F, 5, 3, 6);
		Left2.setRotationPoint(2F, 12F, 0F);
		Left2.setTextureSize(64, 64);
		Left2.mirror = true;
		setRotation(Left2, 0F, 0F, 0F);

	public void render(Entity entity, float f, float f1, float f2, float f3, float f4, float f5)
		super.render(entity, f, f1, f2, f3, f4, f5);
		setRotationAngles(f, f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, entity);

	private void setRotation(ModelRenderer model, float x, float y, float z)
		model.rotateAngleX = x;
		model.rotateAngleY = y;
		model.rotateAngleZ = z;




And the clientProxy:

package tschipp.forgottenitems.util;

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;

import net.minecraft.client.model.ModelBiped;
import net.minecraft.item.Item;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.client.FMLClientHandler;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.event.FMLInitializationEvent;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.event.FMLPostInitializationEvent;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.event.FMLPreInitializationEvent;
import tschipp.forgottenitems.items.ItemCraftingRune;
import tschipp.forgottenitems.items.ItemList;
import tschipp.forgottenitems.items.ItemRendering;
import tschipp.forgottenitems.models.ModelCushionedBoots;
import tschipp.forgottenitems.models.ModelGolemArmor;

public class ClientProxy extends CommonProxy {
	private static final ModelGolemArmor golemArmor = new ModelGolemArmor(1.0f);
	private static final ModelGolemArmor golemArmorLegs = new ModelGolemArmor(0.5f);
	private static final ModelCushionedBoots cushionedBoots = new ModelCushionedBoots(0.5F);
	public static final Map<Item, ModelBiped> golemArmorModels = new HashMap<Item, ModelBiped>();

	public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) {

		golemArmorModels.put(ItemList.golemHelmet, golemArmor);
		golemArmorModels.put(ItemList.golemChestplate, golemArmor);
		golemArmorModels.put(ItemList.golemLeggings, golemArmorLegs);
		golemArmorModels.put(ItemList.golemBoots, golemArmor);


	public void init(FMLInitializationEvent event) {
		FMLClientHandler.instance().getClient().getItemColors().registerItemColorHandler(new ItemCraftingRune.Color(), ItemList.craftingRune);


	public void postInit(FMLPostInitializationEvent event) {

	public Map<Item, ModelBiped> getGolemArmor()
		return golemArmorModels;

	public ModelCushionedBoots getCushionedBootsModel()
		return cushionedBoots;


So, where did I mess up? Because it's certainly me overlooking something trivial again :S

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Firstly, you are adding your boots as child of the legs hence they share the same rotation point and your setting your rotation point in your boots hence why your boots moved down. Change the float value of your rotation point all to 0.


Secondly, why are you rendering your boots again when you've rendered with addChild?

Edited by Spyeedy
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width=620 height=260http://www.startrek.com/uploads/assets/articles/61c89a9d73c284bda486afaeaf01cdb27180359b.jpg[/img]

Till next time. Thank you for delivering funny scenes to Star Trek as Chekov :) . Will always remember you

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6 hours ago, Spyeedy said:

Firstly, you are adding your boots as child of the legs hence they share the same rotation point and your setting your rotation point in your boots hence why your boots moved down. Change the float value of your rotation point all to 0.


Secondly, why are you rendering your boots again when you've rendered with addChild?

Thank you so much, that was exactly the problem. I'm very new to models.

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No problem, my first attempt at 3D armor models was horrifying to say. You really don't want to know what happened :P

Edited by Spyeedy

width=620 height=260http://www.startrek.com/uploads/assets/articles/61c89a9d73c284bda486afaeaf01cdb27180359b.jpg[/img]

Till next time. Thank you for delivering funny scenes to Star Trek as Chekov :) . Will always remember you

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Fluids.WATER.getSource(false) : super.getFluidState(fluidState); } public boolean propagatesSkylightDown(BlockState p_181225_, @NotNull BlockGetter blockGetter, @NotNull BlockPos blockPos) { return p_181225_.getFluidState().isEmpty(); } public @NotNull MultifaceSpreader getSpreader() { return this.spreader; } public Optional<MultifaceSpreader.SpreadPos> spreadFromRandomFaceTowardRandomDirection( BlockState p_221620_, LevelAccessor p_221621_, BlockPos p_221622_, RandomSource p_221623_, int skillPoints, int age) { return Direction.allShuffled(p_221623_).stream().filter((p_221680_) -> { return this.config.canSpreadFrom(p_221620_, p_221680_); }).map((p_221629_) -> { return this.spreadFromFaceTowardRandomDirection(p_221620_, p_221621_, p_221622_, p_221629_, p_221623_, false, skillPoints, age); }).filter(Optional::isPresent).findFirst().orElse(Optional.empty()); } public Optional<MultifaceSpreader.SpreadPos> spreadFromFaceTowardRandomDirection( BlockState blockState, LevelAccessor levelAccessor, BlockPos blockPos, Direction face, RandomSource randomSource, boolean aBoolean, int skillPoints, int age) { return Direction.allShuffled(randomSource).stream().map((direction) -> spreadFromFaceTowardDirection(blockState, levelAccessor, blockPos, face, direction, aBoolean, skillPoints, age)) .filter(Optional::isPresent) .findFirst() .orElse(Optional.empty()); } public Optional<MultifaceSpreader.SpreadPos> spreadFromFaceTowardDirection( BlockState blockState, LevelAccessor levelAccessor, BlockPos blockPos, Direction face, Direction direction, boolean aBoolean, int skillPoints, int age) { //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("BEGIN ==================================== spreadFromFaceTowardDirection skillPoints {}", skillPoints); return skillPoints < 0 ? Optional.empty() : getSpreadFromFaceTowardDirection(blockState, levelAccessor, blockPos, face, direction, this::canSpreadInto) .flatMap((spreadPos) -> { //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("END ================================ spreadFromFaceTowardDirection spreadPos {}", spreadPos); return this.spreadToFace(levelAccessor, spreadPos, aBoolean, skillPoints, direction, age); }); } public boolean canSpreadInto(BlockGetter p_221685_, BlockPos p_221686_, MultifaceSpreader.SpreadPos p_221687_) { BlockState blockstate = p_221685_.getBlockState(p_221687_.pos()); return this.stateCanBeReplaced(p_221685_, p_221686_, p_221687_.pos(), p_221687_.face(), blockstate) && isValidStateForPlacement(p_221685_, blockstate, p_221687_.pos(), p_221687_.face()); } protected boolean stateCanBeReplaced(BlockGetter p_221688_, BlockPos p_221689_, BlockPos p_221690_, Direction p_221691_, BlockState p_221692_) { return p_221692_.isAir() || p_221692_.is(this) || p_221692_.is(Blocks.WATER) && p_221692_.getFluidState().isSource(); } public Optional<MultifaceSpreader.SpreadPos> getSpreadFromFaceTowardDirection(BlockState blockState, BlockGetter blockGetter, BlockPos blockPos, Direction face, Direction direction, MultifaceSpreader.SpreadPredicate spreadPredicate) { //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("--- getSpreadFromFaceTowardDirection direction.getAxis() == face.getAxis(): {}", direction.getAxis() == face.getAxis()); ArrayList<Direction> directions = new ArrayList<>(); directions.add(direction); if (direction.getAxis() == face.getAxis()) { if (direction.getAxis().isHorizontal()) { directions = Arrays.stream(Direction.values()).filter(dir -> dir.getAxis().isVertical()).collect(Collectors.toCollection(ArrayList::new)); } if (direction.getAxis().isVertical()) { directions = Arrays.stream(Direction.values()).filter(dir -> dir.getAxis().isHorizontal()).collect(Collectors.toCollection(ArrayList::new)); } } for (Direction directionElement : directions) { /*DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("--->> getSpreadFromFaceTowardDirection config.isOtherBlockValidAsSource(blockState) {} || " + "hasFace(blockState, face) {} && " + "!hasFace(blockState, direction) {}", config.isOtherBlockValidAsSource(blockState), hasFace(blockState, face), !hasFace(blockState, directionElement));*/ if (config.isOtherBlockValidAsSource(blockState) || hasFace(blockState, face) && !hasFace(blockState, directionElement)) { for (MultifaceSpreader.SpreadType multifacespreader$spreadtype : config.getSpreadTypes()) { MultifaceSpreader.SpreadPos multifacespreader$spreadpos = multifacespreader$spreadtype.getSpreadPos(blockPos, directionElement, face); //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("--- test SpreadPos: {} direction {} face {} ", multifacespreader$spreadpos, directionElement, face); if (spreadPredicate.test(blockGetter, blockPos, multifacespreader$spreadpos)) { //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("--- spreadPredicate success:"); return Optional.of(multifacespreader$spreadpos); } } } } return Optional.empty(); } public boolean isValidStateForPlacement(@NotNull BlockGetter blockGetter, @NotNull BlockState blockState, @NotNull BlockPos blockPos, @NotNull Direction face) { //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("------ isValidStateForPlacement 1st condition: {} && ({} || {})", this.isFaceSupported(face), !blockState.is(this), !hasFace(blockState, face)); if (this.isFaceSupported(face) && (!blockState.is(this) || !hasFace(blockState, face))) { BlockPos blockpos = blockPos.relative(face); //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("------ isValidStateForPlacement 2nd condition: canAttachTo {} ", secondCondition); return canAttachTo(blockGetter, face, blockpos, blockGetter.getBlockState(blockpos)); } else { return false; } } @Nullable public BlockState getStateForPlacement(@NotNull BlockState blockState, @NotNull BlockGetter blockGetter, @NotNull BlockPos blockPos, @NotNull Direction face, int skillPoints, Direction direction, int age) { //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("--- getStateForPlacement"); boolean isNotValidStateForPlacement = !this.isValidStateForPlacement(blockGetter, blockState, blockPos, face); //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("------- isNotValidStateForPlacement: {}", isNotValidStateForPlacement); if (isNotValidStateForPlacement) { return null; } else { BlockState blockstate; if (blockState.is(this)) { blockstate = blockState; } else if (this.isWaterloggable() && blockState.getFluidState().isSourceOfType(Fluids.WATER)) { blockstate = this.defaultBlockState().setValue(BlockStateProperties.WATERLOGGED, Boolean.TRUE); } else { blockstate = this.defaultBlockState(); } //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("------- getStateForPlacement -> blockStateResult "); return blockstate .setValue(getFaceProperty(face), Boolean.TRUE) .setValue(SKILL_LEVEL, skillPoints).setValue(FACE, face) .setValue(DIRECTION, direction) .setValue(CURRENT_AGE,age) ; } } public Optional<MultifaceSpreader.SpreadPos> spreadToFace(LevelAccessor levelAccessor, MultifaceSpreader.SpreadPos spreadPos, boolean p_221596_, int skillPoints, Direction direction, int age) { BlockState blockstate = levelAccessor.getBlockState(spreadPos.pos()); //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("---> spreadToFace blockstate{} direction: {}", blockstate, direction); return this.placeBlock(levelAccessor, spreadPos, blockstate, p_221596_, skillPoints, direction, age) ? Optional.of(spreadPos) : Optional.empty(); } public boolean placeBlock(LevelAccessor p_221702_, MultifaceSpreader.SpreadPos p_221703_, BlockState p_221704_, boolean p_221705_, int skillPoints, Direction direction, int age) { //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("---> placeBlock {} direction {} ", p_221703_, direction); BlockState blockstate = this.getStateForPlacement(p_221704_, p_221702_, p_221703_.pos(), p_221703_.face(), skillPoints, direction, age); if (blockstate != null) { if (p_221705_) { p_221702_.getChunk(p_221703_.pos()).markPosForPostprocessing(p_221703_.pos()); } //DevilRpg.LOGGER.debug("------> setBlock"); return p_221702_.setBlock(p_221703_.pos(), blockstate, 2); } else { return false; } } public long spreadFromFaceTowardAllDirections( BlockState blockState, LevelAccessor levelAccessor, BlockPos blockPos, Direction face, boolean aBoolean, int skillPoints, int age) { return Direction.stream().map((p_221656_) -> spreadFromFaceTowardDirection(blockState, levelAccessor, blockPos, face, p_221656_, aBoolean, skillPoints, age)) .filter(Optional::isPresent).count(); } private boolean isWaterloggable() { return this.stateDefinition.getProperties().contains(BlockStateProperties.WATERLOGGED); } @Override public void setPlacedBy(@NotNull Level level, @NotNull BlockPos blockPos, @NotNull BlockState blockState, @Nullable LivingEntity livingEntity, @NotNull ItemStack itemStack) { super.setPlacedBy(level, blockPos, blockState, livingEntity, itemStack); this.setOwner(livingEntity); } public LivingEntity getOwner() { return this.owner; } private void setOwner(LivingEntity livingEntity) { this.owner = livingEntity; } @Deprecated @Override public void entityInside(@NotNull BlockState blockState, @NotNull Level level, @NotNull BlockPos blockPos, @NotNull Entity entity) { if (entity instanceof LivingEntity /*&& entity.getType() != EntityType.BEE*/ && entity.getType() != ModEntities.LICHEN_SEEDBALL.get()) { entity.makeStuckInBlock(blockState, new Vec3(0.8D, 0.75D, 0.8D)); if (!level.isClientSide /*&& (entity.xOld != entity.getX() || entity.zOld != entity.getZ())*/) { // double d0 = Math.abs(entity.getX() - entity.xOld); // double d1 = Math.abs(entity.getZ() - entity.zOld); // if (d0 >= (double) 0.003F || d1 >= (double) 0.003F) { entity.hurt(level.damageSources().playerAttack((Player) owner), 1.0F); // Aplicar aceleración al movimiento double speedBoost = -0.4; // Ajusta este valor según lo rápido que quieras que sea el impulso double motionX = entity.getX() - entity.xOld; double motionZ = entity.getZ() - entity.zOld; double speed = Math.sqrt(motionX * motionX + motionZ * motionZ); //if (speed > 0.0) { entity.setDeltaMovement(entity.getDeltaMovement().multiply( (motionX / speed) * speedBoost, 0.0, (motionZ / speed) * speedBoost )); // } //} } } } @Nullable @Override public BlockEntity newBlockEntity(@NotNull BlockPos pos, @NotNull BlockState state) { return ModEntityBlocks.SOUL_LICHEN_ENTITY_BLOCK.get().create(pos, state); } @Nullable @Override public <T extends BlockEntity> BlockEntityTicker<T> getTicker(Level level, @NotNull BlockState blockState, @NotNull BlockEntityType<T> type) { return level.isClientSide ? null : (alevel, pos, aBlockstate, blockEntity) -> { if (blockEntity instanceof SoulLichenBlockEntity soulLichenBlockEntity && alevel.getGameTime() % 5 == 0) { soulLichenBlockEntity.tick(blockState, (ServerLevel) alevel, pos, alevel.getRandom()); //DevilRpg.LOGGER.info("-------->tick. this: {}", this.getClass().getSimpleName()); } }; } }   This is the registration:   public final class ModBlocks { public static final DeferredRegister<Block> BLOCKS = DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS, DevilRpg.MODID); ... public static final RegistryObject<SoulLichenBlock> SOUL_LICHEN_BLOCK = BLOCKS.register("soullichen", () -> new SoulLichenBlock( Block.Properties.copy(Blocks.GLOW_LICHEN).lightLevel(SoulLichenBlock.emission(7)).randomTicks() )); }  
    • If you are using AMD/ATI, check for driver updates on their website - do not update via system
    • Hi, Create a new class that extends "Block" class and you need json for it in resources/assets/modid/blockstates directory and resources/assets/modid/models. You can generate json for it using a tool like misodes model generator. Here, atleast, are blocks explained at forge docs.  Don't forge to look at vanilla code, like Magma Block is a good reference if you're trying a "green fire block".  Modid should be replaced with your actual forge mod namespace!
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