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Mod sounds mute randomly during lag spikes... x_x..


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Okay so I've had this issue for a few months...

During gameplay, 96% of the time my FPS is unstable even with BetterFPS & Optifine I average 60-250 fps & it will frequently drop from anywhere between 0-20 for a few seconds, causing lag spikes. My AmbientSounds mod will cut off completely at random times during a lag spike, which mutes all of its sfx permanently. the sfx for Dynamic Surroundings (I've muted the nature ambience) is still present, however. The only way I can fix this issue is completely restarting the server....F3+T is so slow that it freezes the game & forces me to terminate it. 


http://pastebin.com/VfiWasEa  lines 145-152. 


thank you.

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"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."

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What system are you running this on?

 Gateway NV55C03u Notebook; core i3 [Arandelle, First Gen] [ [originally Pentium P6100, MB upgraded July 2016]

Intel HD graphics, first generation [  (-:  ]  4gb RAM

Windows 7 Professional x64-bit


This is the reason why my FPS is so unstable, nothing I do can fix that. I use Process Hacker as my task manager, in which I can reduce [javaw.exe's] working sets to allow MC to use up to 2.5g of memory but have overall memory usage between 40-70%. It will build up during lag spikes, so i have to reduce it time and time again, but I do everything I can to squeeze out as much performance as possible. I also discovered that De-fragmenting my HDD constantly has a major impact on FPS performance as well. [I use Auslogics.] I can run up to 50 mods. Sometimes 70. On a good day.


[still, anything helps, even sarcasm, i need a laugh. ]


Other than that, I realize I'm screwed lolol. As soon as I get through the semester, I should have enough money to buy myself something beautiful (-:  :joy:

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"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."

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6 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Yeah, running many mods on such an old i3 is not fun. Not much you can do unfortunately. I am not quite sure what you are on about with the memory reducing, you should not restrict Minecraft in it's memory usage. To me it sounds like you are forcing the system to swap memory to the harddisk, which is absolute death for performance.

VERY true, but I do it in small amounts to reduce the risk of blowing everything up lolol. thank you for trying (:

"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."

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