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  1. Try deleting the build folder in your project and refresh gradle
  2. You can download the 1.15 beta version now, it installs fine. Be aware that it has major rendering issues as of version 29.0.3 and can have other big bugs
  3. @WireSegalThis should be fixed with latest forge (28.0.75), does it still occur for you?
  4. Forge did a breaking change, either wait for an update of the mod or downgrade forge to 28.0.41 until xaeroworldmap is updated to support the changes
  5. If the mod runs on the client as well, you can use TextComponentTranslation if you use the chat, or handle translation on the client if it is client side code. Both methods will translate your strings to the language set in the client
  6. Hi @LexManos, you promoted the last version with the rev number 2 as recommended instead of 3. Just a minor nitpick, but it might help if some mod requires revision 3 and does not care about the build number.
  7. This sometimes happens, just leave them out. If they are indeed invalid, LexManos will eventually regenerate patches. But for PRs just ignore them and revert the changes
  8. Immersive Engeneering is broken (see https://github.com/BluSunrize/ImmersiveEngineering/issues/2672), but I don't know if they backport the fix to 1.11.x. For now, just remove the mod or downgrade forge.
  9. Problem with ImmersiveEngineering, you have to wait for a fix from their end or remove the mod/downgrade forge to continue playing (see https://github.com/BluSunrize/ImmersiveEngineering/issues/2672)
  10. Cpw made a really good reddit post about this were he explains what he uses as JVM arguments. I use them as well for large modpacks (and with lower memory like 2G for lightweight modpacks)
  11. Launchwrapper(which is a required library for forge) does not support java 9, please use java 8.
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