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[1.10.2] Problems with DamageIndicator


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hello again,


i'm currently trying to do something with combat, but minecraft code punches me in the face again.


-RangedAttribute MAX_HEALTH caps at 1024...  DONE!

-Particle DAMAGE_INDICATOR needs to be replaced by a Clearer indicator


to solve both problems,I created to create a new current HP value and a Max HP value with the Capabiities System

I canceled LivingHurtEvent so Vanilla Health does'nt have any effect anymore, and I can still use the damage source  + amount in the event to change the custom HP.(only works on Server Side)


I still need to find a way to get the HP on the clientSide For my HUD and for above the mob DONE!

I also need to check if I can get a TextComponentString into a TextureAtlasSprite for my clearer indicator or how to get LivingRenderEvent to work

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Changing the title of the topic so peops know what the problem is

my Mod: Extended RPG [W.I.P]

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You can send client's HP on connect and process damage on both server and client side, or send updated HP to client when damaged/healed. For last mob's HP bar you can create a field in capability and assign HP to it in attack event (and sync, too). Also, on client side track last attacked entity and save it to capability/variable too. Then, when you render entity, check if renderingEntity == lastAttackedEntity, and if it's true, render HP bar above it.

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okay thanks, I now have custom HP, but cant find out how to work with the LivingRenderEvent or something like that to spawn A damageIndicator (the number of the hit that is done)


I also thought I could do something like that using a particle but what i say at the begin of the topic i don't know how to use the minecraft fonts texture and use them in the particle(I think this is a really hard way and that there are much easier ways to do this like using the LivingRenderEvent.

my Mod: Extended RPG [W.I.P]

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Not sure exactly how you want your implementation to go, but I do something similar with text popoffs in my mod.  I detect health changes (up/down) and criticals in the server thread, and then send a custom message to the client with the necessary data.  The client then generates a particle effect around the entity in question rendering the text.


  • Server side detection is here.
  • Client side handling is here.
  • The text pop-off particle is here.
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