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How do I check if another mod is installed? + other similiar questions


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Question 1: Is there a way to check what other mods are installed? A friend and I are making mods and we want to use blocks from each others mods in our own.


For example:

I'm making a mod which add new colors of beds based on what wool you use. (Yes I'm sure something like this exists, but that's not the point here.)

He is making a rainbow/multicolored wool mod.

If his mod is installed I'd like to add a recipe for a rainbow bed, if not, It won't be available.


Question 2: How do I make a "core" module? Like railcraft, buildcraft, etc etc. used to have (not a "coremod" like IDresolver)

I'm going to make several mods which will have different recipes and stuff based on which other mods (that I have made) are installed. What would I need to include in the core module? This is kind of like the first question I guess, except I am the one making the mods, so maybe I should have asked it first? oh well, onto ...


Question 3 (last and least important) : Is there a way to make sure my mod is installed/run after another mod, or to make it the very last one?

The reason for asking this question is that I run a modded server and occasionally a mod we use gets discontinued, but we still want to update to the newest version of minecraft. I'd like to try and make a mod which will fill every unused block and item id with a dummy block/item. that way the game does crash when blocks from the old mod are attempting to load. for this to work it would have to run after IDresolver I think.


Anywho, thanks in advance for any and all help =D




"How many cat could a catfish catch if a catfish could catch cat"... wait, what?

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public void modsLoaded(FMLPostInitializationEvent event) {

    if (Loader.isModLoaded("RedPowerWorld")) {

            try {

                      //do stuff



                LogHelper.log(Level.INFO, "Loaded RP2 World addon");


            catch (Exception e) {

                LogHelper.log(Level.SEVERE, "Could not load RP2 World addon");






2 - Learn More java, the core module its like an engine for your mod, so anyone (99%) will not help you


3 - Take a look at LoaderSorter, the unique method that i know to do that, its make you mod file starts with the last letter (like Wmymod.zip), as far i know the loader starts to load by the first letter of the mod file, but im sure there ir another way

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Thank you for your reply =)


I believe I now have a better understanding of how to go about my programming.

I'll definitely look into the stuff you mentioned.


One last noob question:

for Loader.isModLoaded("RedPowerWorld") "RedPowerWorld" is the mod's unique id?

"How many cat could a catfish catch if a catfish could catch cat"... wait, what?

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