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[1.11.2] Checking if player has edited certain BlockPos?


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I was just wondering if there is a better/more reliable way of determining if a player has edited a certain BlockPos in a specific dimension. Currently, the best way I can think of doing this is to create a new instance of WorldSavedData connected to World#getPerWorldStorage() (so its dimension-dependent) containing a list of BlockPos. That list would be updated by a method subscribed to the BlockEvent.PlaceEvent and BlockEvent.MultiPlaceEvent events. When I wanted to, I could pull that world storage instance for the world the player is in and check the list to see if a specific BlockPos has been edited (which for my purposes is only when a new block has been placed). The only problem with this that I see is if anything gets placed that doesn't invoke those two events, such as modded items and commands (like /setblock or /fill).


Have I missed something, or does anyone know a better alternative/solution? Thanks - TMG

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