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[1.11.2]Setting up a Skillsystem properly


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Hello everybody, 


I am planning to make a mod that has a skill system as a main feature and i am not sure how to add this properly. I don´t want to mess around and just make it work, but not perfekt, it should be well done and not using forge features incorrectly. 

There will be a new kind of level and exp for the player additional with skillpoints and a skilltree.  

Are there any tips, hints, words for me or tutorials you would recommend?


Thanks for every answer, 


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We cant answer everything for you but i might have a few tips.


First you need to define your skill system as a series of classes for instance maybe a class SkillManager to handle skills for players in the world

Second you need to define what your skills are probably a series of classes containing the skills name etc.

Third you need to be able to save and read to each Players NBT Data their skill information

Fourth each individual skill will have different ways of working most skills will probably make use of forge events so learn how to use forge events

and for individual help you can always just post topics here.

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No, the Capability is for storing which skills the player has and what skill level they are.


The actual skill system can be totally separate and simply query the player's Capability when they interact with it.


If your skills need to store any information on a per player basis, that should be stored in the player's Capability.

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