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Data synchronization


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Hello, I'm Taigore and I haven't got on a forum since years, so I may act a bit strange. ^^

Thanks in advance for any help though, even if its more like technical info.

I have to synchronize entity data from the server to the client, but while I was writing a packet handler I realized that using a packet handler would have required quite a lot of extra infrastructure for it to work in my intended use.

However, using DataWatcher and their auto synchronization on entity world join (example: when a player moves to a place where another player was, and said entity spawns in the client world copy) may save me quite a lot of work, and also assure that the data goes to the right entity.

To do this I'm planning to use a formatted string though, since the limit of 30 values may be hit otherwise.

What I was hoping is for someone to know quite well how DataWatchers work, since the info around is quite scarce, and most importantly know pro and cons of using them, at least relative to custom packet handling.

Thanks again for any reply. ^^


P.S.: Nice spell check, even though I'm quite sure that those who need it will never use it. xD

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