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[1.11.2] What is a DataFixer (related to Entities)?

Sack Of Potatoes

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I've been having issues trying to render an entity. I believe I've narrowed the issue down to either my custom item class or my custom entity class. So I've been looking at the EntitySnowball.java as a reference. The only difference I see is the snowball entity class has a method that registers a data fix to the snowball. Can someone explain what "registerFixesThrowable()" does and what a DataFixer is and its purpose?


// In EntitySnowball.java
public static void registerFixesSnowball(DataFixer fixer)
	EntityThrowable.registerFixesThrowable(fixer, "Snowball");


But funny enough, if you look inside EntityThrowable.java to see the "registerFixesThrowable()" method, it's empty...


// In EntityThrowable.java
public static void registerFixesThrowable(DataFixer fixer, String name)



I was confused by this but I decided to look up the call hierarchy for "registerFixesSnowball()". And "registerFixesSnowball()" gets called in DataFixesManager.java which calls a LOT of other entity fixes (which I will remove from the code block for readability purposes).


// In DataFixesManager.java
public static DataFixer createFixer()
        DataFixer datafixer = new DataFixer(922);
        datafixer = new net.minecraftforge.common.util.CompoundDataFixer(datafixer);
	// ...
	// ...
        return datafixer;



This "createFixer()" gets called in "main()" method of MinecraftServer.java and in the CONSTRUCTOR of Minecraft.java

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23 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

DataFixers are basically converters for old save formats. They convert the old NBT data to the new format when you load an old world.


As for your error: Show your entity, your renderer and where you register them.


I have a thread for the issue here. The renderer is called in client.java preinit() and everything else is in the commonproxy


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