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[1.11.2] Making my custom Entity equip items


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Whenever my entity, which extends EntityCreature, is spawned, I run the following:

this.setItemStackToSlot(EntityEquipmentSlot.HEAD, new ItemStack(Blocks.PUMPKIN));

But it seemingly has no effect. I've also tried to run it a while after it has spawned and confirmed that is does execute. However, my entity still does not equip anything. I've also tried equipping it with a sword, but that also has no effect.

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3 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Show your code. Also, what makes you think that it's not equipped? Have you checked with the debugger? Does your renderer actually handle equipped items?

Was not aware of the need to add it to the render, but of course that was it, thanks.


For those with the same issue, I added the following to the constructor of my render:

this.addLayer(new LayerHeldItem(this));
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