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KernCraft: element based mod


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I am currently developing a Chemistry based mod. Is in a very (very very) early stage, I spent most of the time building a small infrastructure for it. If somebody is interested in helping out (testing, playing, giving feedback, suggesting features, developing, painting, ...) that would be awesome. Keep in mind is for 1.11.2.


I am looking for people to have fun creating the mod with (do not need to be experts).


Main idea: bring elements to the Minecraft world. The mod must be fun and instructive (and possibly late game OP).


So far:

  • there is a way to handle elements trough capabilities. Elements are the core of the mod. The main idea is: we have "containers" for 

      elements that we can use in various manners. Such as crafting, special effects, etc... This is the basis of all.

  • some machine/special blocks:

    • an "Extractor", to obtain Chemical Elements

    • a "Chemical furnace" that "burns" elements and gives items, energy, fluids

    • a proper clock, emitting the correct redstone signal

    • a "time machine" that changes the day (very early stage)

    • a lamp that can be configured

    • a "Detector" that emits redstone when a player is nearby

  • custom armor, shields (very early stage)

  • a manual (of course), currently empty but the infrastructure is there (very early stage)

  • Items:

    • A portable beacon, you fill this with Elements and get various effects depending on the element.

    • A potato battery (mandatory), not sure what it does

  • Ore duping (ahah of course)

  • Explosions

  • Real chemistry


Plan for future:

  • have a "progress" system

Plans for far future:

  • isotopes and molecules


The standard applies: there is some early support for JEI, Baubles and I will to use Forge Energy/Tesla.



Mandatory screenshots:


The GUI for the extractor: redstone configurable, side configurable, and whatnot



Extractor JEI interface, standard (a Canister is the default container, I also plan to differentiate between solid/liquid/gas containers).



because why not? I plan for the potato battery to be the kickstarter of the mod (the items that let's you start with the mod).



Baublyfied Portable Beacon, my proudest creation so far. Uses elements to give you abilities.



Manual with comprehensive periodic table...



...and pages for each element.


If you are interested:


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