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1.10.2 ItemBlock with Variant [SOLVED]


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I know this has been asked a million times, and I've tried following the example that Choonster has very graciously provided.  Most everything is working exactly like I would expect, except that my items are not rendering.  They are registered, but I get the lovely little purple/black boxes.


I've created a Git repository to help show what I've done.

My Main class:


My Variant Block class:


My Block Registering class:


BlockState JSON


Block JSONs




I had Item JSONs, but I deleted them because I thought maybe they were interfering with the process.  The blocks render just fine, and it seems like maybe the items are named wrong for some reason?  They appear as tile.sweets:planks.candycane.name and the same for gumdrop, but even when I created item models named planks.candycane, they didn't render.


Normally, I can figure these things out, but I think I've been staring at the forest too long.  First foray into 1.10.2 is more than a little bit frustrating...lol


Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Figured it out
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Nevermind.  You step away, have a bite, smoke a cigarette, then realize there is an entire class you forgot to include that's entire purpose is to render items and itemblocks....Sheesh.


Thank you for the response, though, Jay.  In the future, if I have issues, I will included a link to the log from my test run.

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