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Point of curiosity regarding BlockLog


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Just to start out.  Everything is working just fine.  Not troubleshooting, per se.  What I have is a point of curiosity.  


I created my BlockLog class last night, and fought with it through the night and on into the morning.  What I discovered, was that calling the EnumType from my BlockPlanks class was the issue.  I created an EnumType in the BlockLog class, removed the arithmetic compensating for LOG_AXIS (Which I'm sure will bite me sooner than later) and everything works like a dream.  So I'm curious as to why it didn't like me calling EnumType from my BlockPlanks class, the way the BlockNewLog does things.  Again, not really a panic point.  Everything is working just fine right now, but for future reference, I would be interested to know why the Minecraft way didn't work like I expected.


I've linked my Git repository, the class BlockSweetsLog2 is the version of the file as I initially created it.  BlockSweetsLog is the one that works, and has a ton of stuff commented out, and probably some weirdness here and there where I was changing things around to figure out what was going wrong.  I'll clean it up later, right now I'm celebrating my victory with another cup of coffee and a cigarette :D


Git link for reference https://github.com/meganmorgangames/Sweets



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It crashed when I was using the planks enum.  Error seemed to be occurring in the BlockStateContainer.  Right or wrong, by troubleshooting method is to comment out method calls in the reverse order that Minecraft should be loading them (At least to my understanding of when Minecraft should be loading them).  So, working backwards, I removed the method call to render the block/blockitems, then the method call to create blockitems, then the method call registering the block, and then the instantiation to the block, which of course loaded because Minecraft wasn't even looking at my class anymore.  Then a whole lot of change this, change that as educated guesses to what could cause the problem.  My last ditch effort was to mimic my planks class, but with the variant for axis added in, which worked for some odd reason.


I don't have the crash log, but if anyone is interested, I could always change my ModBlocks class to instantiate BlockSweetsLog2 (Which is the original class) and get the crash log from that.


Like I said, though, it is working.  I'm just curious as to why...lol

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