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A player riding a player covers the field of view


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Hi everyone! I've recently started learning to program in java and have been trying a few various things with Minecraft modding.  The practice I'm currently working on is a mod to interrupt a player's death and disable them until another player comes to rescue them and carry them back to their bed.  Everything so far works perfectly, but an annoyance I'm grappling with is that the victim's legs cover the entire field of view of the rescuer (the victim 'rides' the rescuer).  Is there any way I can go about altering where the victim sits (putting them more on the back of the rescuer rather than the face), or make them partially transparent?  The only solution I was able to find so far was to make the victim invisible (setInvisible(true)) but that's less than desirable.  From what I understand by reading around, something such as modifying EntityPlayer's isInvisibleToPlayer() method to return true when being carried isn't possible since you can't modify the base methods.  Additionally, I tried modifying the field "renderOffsetY" and its pals to no avail.


If you need anything further, let me know and I'll include it.  Thanks for your time!

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