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    • How do you imagine that? Yes, I can determine whether the item is salted or not, but how can I use it THERE? Should I write my entire food system or what? It sounds like a bicycle.  
    • https://github.com/Draco18s/ReasonableRealism/ (and its older predecessor https://github.com/Draco18s/HarderStuff)  https://github.com/Draco18s/Redstone https://github.com/Draco18s/Decaying-World https://github.com/Draco18s/Artifacts And a bunch of others that never got on github (Crossed out ones are already covered or not mods) Sure. No experience.    You're not wrong. It could happen, but I'd still call that a malicious mod. I don't see any legitimate need for a mod to uninstall itself without being malicious. It could still happen, but its like you say, just because you've seen someone die from eating an apple, there's no reason to avoid eating apples. Its rare, its dumb, you don't worry about it.
    • I'm going to assume that the right click is with an empty hand. If so, you would definitely need to set up a network and send the packet to the server so World#addEntity can be called. If it's through an item, then you can just check the side within Item#onItemRightClick and then add the entity,
    • I'm quite new to modding (and forums), and I'm trying let the player shoot/spawn a custom entity fireball on right click. I made an item that shoots the entity correctly, but this isn't what I want. I think I need to send packets to the server in order for it to work, I'm just not sure how to go about it properly. I assume world.addEntity might not work, only because it doesn't show up in-game. Any help is appreciated.
    • If you did literally one google search you could see that he does. And don't be rude because he's actually taking the time to answer your questions.   As for the answer to your question: Yep, said it all. Just because you've seen it doesn't mean it true in all cases. That's like saying because I've seen someone die from eating an apple that all apples kill whoever eats it.
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