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[SOLVED] How do i spawn an enitity on client side?


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Hello, i got a problem with my mod, i am trying to spawn an entity (like an arrow) by hitting a key. I understand this is client sided, but how can i spawn that entity and get it functioning like it's on the server, because how i'm doing it now, it will spawn the entity, but it cant damage mobs. Can someone help me out?

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A packet is used sending informartion from the client to the server or visa versa.

so what you need to is send a packet from the client to the server.

the tutorial describes how to do that.

i dont think its very helpfull to code it for you since you dont understand packets yet.

so my advice is to just read to tutorial over and over again and try to experiment some with the code so you can see what it does.

if you have any questions about the turorial ask them here instead of saying i dont understand.

try to explain what you dont get about it.

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okay, i did everything the tutorial did, but now i just dont know one thing, how would i spawn the entity, the only thing that i do, is send the packet to the server through that queu or something, but how do i spawn the entity then?


EDIT: i can't spawn the entity because i don't have a world instance. I checked, and i AM on the server side, but when i get an instance of World by typing this: ModLoader.getMinecraftInstance().theWorld; that world instance is still client sided.

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