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  1. Rows and column : http://www.gitta.info/DataCompress/en/image/column_row.jpg So that would be the 11th symbol/character on that line Aka. re-check the file, try a different file/simpler one to check that it's the file and not something else
  2. you don't. ID's are gone! You do not have to deal with them anymore.
  3. The function numbers are what they are named when they get decompiled. As we do not have access to the unobfuscated minecraft source, we have to decompile and deobfuscate it ourselfs. That is what the tools the MCP Team provides is doing. By using their system, we (the modders) can submit understandable "real" names to methods. In every major minecraft update it is changed up a lot and therefore a lot of the names must be re-added or completely re-done as methods change etc. Therefore when the new versions are just comming out, we (the modders) haven't had time to mess around to much with the new code and submit names, therefore a lot of things will have such names for the time being. Also keep in mind that Forge is NOT out with a stable release for 1.7.2 it's still very much indev, and so is MCP. Therefore I would NOT recommend starting to learn modding by starting for 1.7.2 now, I would either wait 1 month and spend the time learning more Java and computer science or whatever. And come back once things are a bit more beginner friendly. Either that or start for 1.6.4 and re-learn some of it when things are more settled for 1.7.2
  4. Use the recommended builds, not the latest ones The latest are indev versions and might be highly unstable, they are not suited for learning to mod. And the current latest is especially not meant for beginners as it's the first indev release for 1.7 and full of under development stuffs. So go use the recommended build(s) mate
  5. If you follow common java naming conventions + what Draco said then you are better off than 90% of the basic modders around here
  6. The best recommendation I can give you at this stage would be to spend some time off from modding, use it to play around with java. Create some java programs, and some games that's a great way to spend the time at least Then later come back and there will be more clear to everyone what's changed and how things should be done. At the moment there's no stable release of forge, there's little use in fooling around with the 1.7 alpha releases unless your plan is to aid in the development of it. So therefore the best use of your time would be to either program some more in java and have fun making games, or polish your exisitng mod design and ideas. I.E. create a plan for your mod, a proper design document and make prep work for the coding phase.
  7. Yes, they are submitted to a bot at the IRC channel. And be very careful to check and double check that you are correct before you submit your mappings Check the MCP wiki page, and go talk to the guys on irc.
  8. To find tutorials let me advertise my own pet project: http://www.mazetar.com/mctuts/displayTutorials.php There you can find a bunch of forge tutorials in a searchable list For beginners I would recommend the following: 1. Learn java http://see.stanford.edu/see/lecturelist.aspx?coll=824a47e1-135f-4508-a5aa-866adcae1111 2. Get into modding with forge: www.youtube.com/user/VsweGoesMinecraft/videos?flow=grid&view=50&shelf_id=3
  9. Then VSWE is the place I would tell you to start Also THIS site: http://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.no/p/list-of-topics.html Is the BEST resource to understanding the source, it's a list of posts detailing the inner workings of minecraft as the author ventures into the code. I use it quite frequently as a reference when I work with unfamiliar (and familar stuff lol) concepts. Also if you ever discover a tutorial or informative site which you'd think fits my list then send me a PM and I'll add it PS: From the blog mentioned above, check out: http://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.no/2013/11/how-forge-starts-up-your-code.html
  10. Vswe is one of the few whom has made tutorials which aren't copy paste. You can check it out here: www.youtube.com/user/VsweGoesMinecraft/videos?flow=grid&view=50&shelf_id=3 It doesn't deal with armor but its great stuff for learning forge and GUI stuffs Also for finding tutorials you may find my site useful: http://mazetar.com/mctuts/searchform.php (Self promoting much? )
  11. Try reading into basically any other system in minecraft, and you will cry a lot more!
  12. Meh I can't be bothered to type the code for you. I wouldn't even care to search around for one of the many posts about the very same topic, or for tutorials on the subject. Maybe you could do this on your own, it MAY be that you can solve this one yourself
  13. STOP! Right now, just stop. THINK! Just think over what you want to achieve for a few seconds. Consider what it means for something to be rare, it means it happens less often. So how do we make something happen at a % chance? Now by using Random you are easily able to do that I bet Now considering some other ways to limit spawning, we could make sure to only do it in a specific Y range like diamonds or only in specific biomes. Yeah, well I said more than I intended to say, so there ya go Good luck
  14. Then reduce the chance for it to generate? atm it seems like you are generating 25 veins per chunk or something
  15. Was the only change you did between the first and second post screenshots changing the biome height? or did you change other stuff too?
  16. That would be correct. What you could do is to write a mod with forge that only lets you join servers if the server can verify you by taking in a username(minecraft name?) and a supplied password. You could make a GUI screen which is shown when you try to connect to a server while having your mod which would send the info to the server and the server can then authenticate you using the db
  17. Then I suggest you start by examining the launcher code, and take notes from how it works..?
  18. Connecting to a database is easy, there are several ways to do it. I would recommend googling basic Java questions or go to dedicated java forums like the ones on DreamInCode Anyways here you go: docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/jdbc/basics/
  19. I'm sorry mate you lost me completely in what the database should do and what all this is for. Your sentences is quite confusing, you may want to re-phrase yourself.
  20. Well if you found a solution on how to do it with base edits, then you probably aren't far of from a solution to solving it without base edits. What I usually do when I want to modify such things and I have no idea where minecraft does it's stuff is to head over to the above blog and look for clues. Then I start reading minecraft's code based on the information I have and what I can assume, eventually finding the place and doing the base edits I'd want. If I get the desired effect when using base edits I proceed to find ways to hook into that class without base edits (and without ASM if possible, if you are unfamiliar with ASM then you may have some fun reading into it as it's a way to modify bytecode during runtime meaning you can modify base classes without touching the files). If you look into the link above you will find a goldmine of information on how minecraft works, and looking in the game loop post you'd be able to see that the class you probably want to look at first is the "EntityRender" and that class can easily be replaced with your own version without base edits. There may be even better ways to hook into the specific part of it you'd want, I know it's possible to add custom sky renderer and other stuff with little effort for custom dimensions (and probably vanilla with a bit more effort). Oh and depending on how exactly you want cloudy weather to be, you may get away with just drawing the weather effect during one of the render events but yeah that would really depend on what you'd need to do
  21. I'm not sure if Weatherpony's seasons mod does anything like this? At least it wouldn't surprise me When I get home I'll try to look into what the place to do this was, maybe someone else pops inn and answers it before that but in the mean time it would be helpful to know which programming skill level you are at. Are you familiar with working with open gl or rendering from other projects? Also you may find use in this site: http://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.no/p/list-of-topics.html Especially the one about the main game loop, helps you located where you should look for hooks into doing what you'd want to do
  22. That's probably quite possible seeing as you can override the entire rendering and draw it yourself
  23. The question that comes to mind here is, why not use the built-in gradle build system?
  24. Same as above. You can do ANYTHING in a mod as long as you learn programming and keep studying and learning
  25. 1. Off topic 2. I have no idea what your asking really, your post makes not much sense but anyways you are probably better of asking this in some other forum. 3. [lmgtfy]can you trust adf.ly[/lmgtfy]
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