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Really strange server crash/disconnect


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I've been having some trouble the last few days with a bizarre issue while generating new chunks. Within a few minutes of flying or walking in a particular direction, the game acts as if the server "hung up" on the client and isn't communicating at all. (This is on single-player.) The world stops generating, creating a black "wall" on the side of the world where lighting hasn't been calculated. Items don't drop, mob AI stops, block placing makes no sounds, and all other symptoms of what would be considered a read-time-out on MP occur.


In some of these cases, the internal server reconnects after a few minutes and the world starts ticking again, but it usually stops again after only a few moments. I have been testing this in an area with custom generation, but I've verified (with debug messages) that the game is not hanging in my decoration function. So I don't think my decorators are causing this issue.


Let me know if you know what is happening here or if you know how to fix it. I'm pretty confused... :-/

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