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[1.10.2] [UNSOLVED] Increase monster spawn rate


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I'm wondering how I can adjust the monster spawn rate for specific chunks (like decreasing or increasing it).

This should be done on fly and not on chunk creation, like when a chunk got a high polution due to a lot

of machines the spawn rate of monsters should be increased for this chunk as long as the polution is that high.

If the polution lowers, the spawn rate should decrease back to normal.

(More information about the polution stuff, see here)


Thx in advance.


Developer of Primeval Forest.

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There are a lot of entity-related events. There is a whole LivingSpawnEvent class with subclasses for you to explore.

You can simply create mobs to 'increase their number'. There is the WorldEntitySpawner::findChunksForSpawning method that essentially spawns mobs but it affects the whole world rather than e specific chunk.

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