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Forgot Account needs resetting


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I made an account a long time ago with the username "Fir3will." Since creating the account, I've forgot the email and password. What I'm requesting from the devs here is that the account can be deleted so that I can recreate it with fields I'll remember in the future.

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22 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

So, you forgot the E-Mail and password, but you expect us to trust you and just delete some random account? Yeah... no.

Especially since this "new" account of yours has made posts in 2013...

I understand it sounds iffy but I don't know how else to prove it. If it helps, I only posted once a long time ago, and it's only one post. Is there anyway I can prove it's mine? If I knew the email, I'd be able to answer the password.

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