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[1.11.2] Maybe bugged onRenderOverlayEvent


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Hello, I have a little problem. I new to Minecraft modding and I was trying to make a mod with random things, one of them a overlay with informations. It's all working, but the problem is, that the CHAT section is rendering event if the Chat is not opened, and the same thing for the TEXT section is rendering even in debug, where it's overlapping. I added a statement that it shouldn't render when the ElementType.DEBUG is active but even that isn't working, and all tutorials I founded where for older versions.




public class onRenderGameOverlay {

    public void onRenderOverlay(RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre e) {
        if (Minecraft.getMinecraft() != null && Minecraft.getMinecraft().player != null) {
            Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft();
            FontRenderer fr = mc.fontRendererObj;

            if (e.getType() == RenderGameOverlayEvent.ElementType.TEXT) {

                // Name
                fr.drawStringWithShadow(TextFormatting.BLUE + "" + TextFormatting.BOLD + Reference.FULL_NAME + TextFormatting.DARK_GREEN + " " + TextFormatting.BOLD + "v." + Reference.VERSION, 3, 5, 0xffffff);

                // Player Data
                fr.drawStringWithShadow(TextFormatting.DARK_GRAY + "[" + TextFormatting.GOLD + "Name" + TextFormatting.DARK_GRAY + "] " + TextFormatting.WHITE + mc.player.getName(), 3, 20, 0xffffff);
                fr.drawStringWithShadow(TextFormatting.DARK_GRAY + "[" + TextFormatting.GOLD + "FPS" + TextFormatting.DARK_GRAY + "] " + TextFormatting.WHITE + Minecraft.getDebugFPS(), 3, 40, 0xffffff);

                fr.drawString(Main.DATA_DEV + "", 100, 100, 0xffffff);

                // DEV DATA
                if (Main.DATA_DEV) {
                    fr.drawStringWithShadow(TextFormatting.DARK_PURPLE + "[" + TextFormatting.LIGHT_PURPLE + "UUID" + TextFormatting.DARK_PURPLE + "] " + TextFormatting.WHITE + mc.player.getUniqueID(), 3, e.getResolution().getScaledHeight()-15, 0xffffff);

            } else
            if (e.getType() == RenderGameOverlayEvent.ElementType.CHAT) {

                ScaledResolution res = e.getResolution();

                //Color Codes
                fr.drawStringWithShadow(TextFormatting.AQUA + "&c - AQUA", res.getScaledWidth()-50, res.getScaledHeight()-50, 0xffffff);



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Interesting grammar choice, but scroll through the gui folder in the Minecraft source code, all the GUIs are there, just take in to consideration of how they might be named, then look into their functionality (I find the buttons the most helpful) and decide if that truly is the GUI you are looking for. If I have this correct, the GuiOverlayDebug and GuiIngameMenu are the specific classes you are looking for.

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