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  1. Ok, sorry for stealing your time, but I restarted my PC, and now it's work, even if I add new textures, so sorry, I restarted IntelliJ, MC, removed and created the files but it doesn't worked, and now it doesn't, maybe it was my PC, the last days it's doing weird things.
  2. the separated, and I doesn't found the setting to make it like that
  3. Hello, like the 3rd time today, Now I have the problem, that nothing from my resources package loads. I have it like this ... ... but it looks like this ... As I said, I am not really good at this, and for me, I founded less tutorials for Forge than for like Spigot and I don't have any friends that know Forge, only Spigot So sorry for this crap if it's annoying
  4. Ok, thanks, I am new to this, so sorry for such stupid things
  5. I created a contraption that, when I right click a Bookshelf, it opens the book. I created this test book but when I click the BookShelf, it crash, and from the Console output it's the book that's making it to crash. Console output: https://pastebin.com/sdMaZ2kE
  6. Hello, After few days of trying to create a functioning MC mod, today I opened IntelliJ and get this problem: And when I click Open repositories List ... and I can't update it because of that error. I found this but when I try to "Refresh all Gradle Projects" I go back from where I started, I get the same error.
  7. I'm sorry if I described it badly. I meant that the client click a button and it opens a Book GUI for him, without holding a book, and so that it can be opened in Multiplayer (Like a Spigot server without mods)
  8. Hello, Is it possible to open a Book Gui with Contents in Multiplayer ? And if is, what is the best way to do that ?
  9. I had to change something, but it worked like butter, really thanks diesieben07 und draganz
  10. And what thinks like Debug, EscapeMenu and thinks like that ?
  11. Hello, I have a little problem. I new to Minecraft modding and I was trying to make a mod with random things, one of them a overlay with informations. It's all working, but the problem is, that the CHAT section is rendering event if the Chat is not opened, and the same thing for the TEXT section is rendering even in debug, where it's overlapping. I added a statement that it shouldn't render when the ElementType.DEBUG is active but even that isn't working, and all tutorials I founded where for older versions. CODE: @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public class onRenderGameOverlay {
  12. Oh, it was that, thanks, i could't find how to change it
  13. Ok, because this guy that maked a 1.8.9 coding tutorial and other in 1.8 and 1.7.10 had this: http://prntscr.com/ari5fv
  14. Sorry, i added the photo (PHOTO: http://prntscr.com/arhzrd) And, i maked it like you and in other 3 videos was said.
  15. Hello, I wanted to try to do mods, but the first problem was that when I opened the Eclipse workspace, i had several files, and i have by nobody saw them, please help, is this normal and i can code normally or must i change something to work? PHOTO: http://prntscr.com/arhzrd Thanks for soon answer, Tim3Game
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