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Sync Server-Client item stackTagCompound changes


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I have an issue server side when i try to change the stackTagCompound of my item by a GUI.


From Item RightClick event I open the GUI:


par3EntityPlayer.openGui(mymod.instance, mymod.myGuiID, par2World, 0, 0, 0);


And from GUI I assign a name & an array to the stackTagCompound of my Item:




                int[] anArray = new int[3];

        anArray[0] = (int)player.posX;

        anArray[1] = (int)player.posY;

        anArray[2] = (int)player.posZ;

                itemstack.stackTagCompound.setString("Name_" + myname, myname);

                itemstack.stackTagCompound.setIntArray(myname, anArray);




Seems go all ok but when i read again the stackTagCompound data i found nothing!


I guess i need to send data to the server side but how?


Please help.


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Yes, i need to modify the stackTagCompound only when is pressed OK button on the GUI, now i know GUI = client but absolutely I need to ask to the player some informations to be stored into his item.


Then i need a sample to how send a package from GUI button action to server ...

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