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creating Key-Value arrays in configs


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I'm building a simple permission manager for a friend. I'm pretty much learning everything as I go. What I'm trying to do right now is create a config file that lists the users, each user's group and the groups/permissions


I want the permissions to be readable so I was trying to replicate the PermissionsEx Bukkit plugin





    default: true





so it's basically a key/value format.


[groupname: [default: true, permissions: [vanilla.gamemode, vanilla.help]]]


I'm not really sure how to do this using the Configuration class. Can someone help me with this?

I'm using 1.12



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For anybody who might look for the answer to this in the future, GSON is the solution


create a class for the object you want to make JSON


Class Groups{

  private String name;
  private boolean initial;
  private String[] permissions;
  public Group(String n, boolean init, String[] p) {
		// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub
		name = n;
		initial = init;
		permissions = p;




then in the syncConfig() method you do something like this:


		String[] perms = {"vanilla.help"};
    	String[] oPerms = {"*"};
    	Group def = new Group("default", true, perms);
    	Group owner = new Group("Owner", false, oPerms);
    	Gson g = new Gson();
    	String json1 = g.toJson(def);
    	String json2 = g.toJson(owner);
    	String[] groups = {json1, json2};

    	config.getStringList("Groups", "groups", groups, "Comment here");


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