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Retrieve files from compiled mod. [Solved]


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 I had just released the first version of my mod when my raw files got corrupted. I have a working version of the mod but don't have the raw code to continue development. Is there any way I can get the code back from the compiled mod?

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If you ever built your mod with the build Gradle task, you may have a source JAR in the build/libs directory of your mod's workspace. This will contain your source code obfuscated to SRG names.


BON2 can deobfuscate a compiled JAR from SRG (obfuscated) to MCP (deobfuscated) names, but probably not a source JAR. You can then decompile it with a decompiler like Bytecode Viewer. The decompilation process isn't perfect and all comments are stripped during compilation, so the code you get out of it won't be exactly the same as the original code.


If you use version control software like Git and host a copy of your repository on a site like GitHub, you can retrieve any version of your code. This will make it much less likely that you'll lose anything.

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