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MCZ: DayZ [Custom Plugins][Scale Replica of Chernarus]


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NO mods are required. Simply launch Minecraft and play!


Server IP: play.mcraftz.com


DynMap: http://map.mcraftz.com/


Discord: https://discord.gg/s7G39hH


Server Trailer:


Subreddit: /r/MinecraftZ

Version: 1.12

Overhead view:



Description: This is a replica of the famous Arma II mod, DayZ. It has all of the features of the mod all packed into an easily playable Minecraft version. Random spawns, guns, zombies, and, of course, breaking bones.


Feature Overview:

-Gameplay is almost exactly like that of the Mod version of the game (Minus the obnoxious breaking of bones when walking up stairs ;) )

-Explore a 15,000x15,000 block map, 1:1 scale replicas of the famous Arma II version of Chernarus

-Spawn randomly on the coastline by yourself or with a group of friends.

-Bleeding from zombies, gunshots, or players attacking you with melee weapons. Fixed with bandages.

-Infection from various sources. Fixed with antibiotics.

-Zombies detect you based on your movement and guns you are shooting. Your experience bar is this meter. It can change based on the time of day, and whether it is storming or not.

-You can break your bones when falling from a certain height. This is fixed with Morphine Auto Injections.

-Blood/health does not regenerate over time. Rather, you must eat food to restore a small amount or have another player give you a blood transfusion.

-Your experience level is your thirst. It is a maximum of 30, and decays over time. When below 10, you are dehydrated and must drink soda items, water, drink from lakes, or eat fruit.

-You can obtain backpacks which display on your character. At any time, you can store items in the bag and transfer items between players by giving each other your backpacks.

-Much more!


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-Slightly increased all backpack drops.

-Increased saddle drop rates.

-DeerStands have significantly higher chance of Saddles, Backpacks, and CZ550s compared to other loot locations. Makes them worth going to.

-Campfires can be broken by punching them. This does not return a campfire. Acts as "dousing the flame" if you feel people are nearby.

-Tents can be broken by punching them. Takes a few moments. Drops all tent items as well as a packed tent so you can move locations.

-Campfires automatically remove when no players are within 80 blocks of them. This should avoid the light glitching.

-Garden Lime drop rate in ToolSheds and Barns are increased.

-Airfield drop rates slightly increased

-Netting has increased drop rates from Industrial. Netting can now be found in Industrial, ToolSheds, FireStations, Small Barns, and Large Barns.

-Ammunition slots dropped from 12 to 9.

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