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[SOLVED] Getting actual state on startup


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Hey everyone,


I noticed that my additional blockstate data works fine when placing/breaking blocks, but the game doesn't call getActualState() on startup. Is there a "proper" way to get it called? I could always add a bit of one time code into the TileEntity update but that feels a bit hacky and roundabout. So does Forge/MC have an actual way to do this?

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getActualState should be called any time the block needs to be modelled - use the debugger and set a breakpoint to see whether the method is actually being called. I suspect the issue is actually that your tileentity is not synchronising with the client properly when it loads.

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Nevermind, I guess it was a breakpoint not working properly. I had one in my getMultiblockPart() method which is called from getActualState() and that wasn't getting triggered, but after doing a full recompile and restart it's working fine. The issue that was causing it to not work was the fact that the TE wasn't serialized because I didn't properly exit and instead just stopped it in the debugger. It also seems to be called before the server/client sync so I'll have to recalculate the rendering in my sync event anyways. Derp.

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