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CustomNPCs [1.11.2] scripting a Chest

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I really like the scripting possibilities of this mod, but I'm missing something like a "Scripted Chest" or at least a "setContainer(int size)" method for the "Scripted Block". I was trying to script a workaround with a chest nearby, but I failed because of not knowing how to show the chest's GUI or to create a high dynamic dialog.


function interact(event) {
  var container = event.block.world.getBlock(event.block.getX(), event.block.getY()-1, event.block.getZ()).getContainer();
  var tempDialog = new IDialog(); // <--  This don't work - need something similar
  var dialogText = "Content:";
  for (i=0; i<container.getSize(); i++) {
    if(container.getSlot(i) && container.getSlot(i).getName() != "minecraft:air") {
      dialogText += container.getSlot(i).getDisplayName() + " x" + container.getSlot(i).getStackSize();
  // setting DialogOptions here to get some or all items


The final idea behind this is to put player dependent content in chests. For example a Player who has finished Quest 1 can find a wooden sword, wood coins or leather armor in a chest, while another player, who has finished Quest 27 can find diamond equipment inside the same chest.


Another reason for wanting a Scripted Chest is to want locked chests. I made a working (un)locking script for "Scripted Doors" and it would be really nice, if I could use a similar one for chests too.

Has anyone a solution?




It seems I think too complicated. Two simple lines like these...

var containerBlock = event.target.getWorld().getBlock(event.target.getX(), event.target.getY()-1, event.target.getZ());
PlayerEvent.InteractEvent(event.player, event.type, containerBlock);

... should let me directly interact with the chest, isn't it? Unfortunatly neither PlayerEvent nor InteractEvent are defined. Has anyone another idea?

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Current state of progress:

I was trying to find another way to "copy" the container-property from the chest to the scripted block, but I didn't find a way to get access to these datas, except the getContainer()-function.

I was also trying to have a look inside the IBlockScripted.class file to check if I were able to add a setContainer()-function myself, but I only found hexcode inside. That's so confusing to me... O.o


I tried the best myself. Maybe someone else has an idea.



I've got a spontaneous suggestion. Instead of scripting chest for the content I could write a playerscript to put progress-dependent content into the chest and put a scripted block nearby to store some data. I didn't test it already but theoretically it should work. It would just explode the playerscript if you have hundrets of chests and want every chest to have individual content (weapons in a bakery chest makes as less sense as bread in a bank's safe). I'll post the code if I'll be successful.

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