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[SOLVED] GameRegistry biome changes not reflected in server


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I'm in the middle of working on a biome for my mod, and I needed to test something using the full client/server setup (this is NOT the internal single player client and server, or the LAN server). I started the server using the Run>Server to select the server, then I started the client and connected. The content and functionality of the mod is all intact, but for whatever reason the changes I made to the biomes with


GameRegistry.addBiome(); // for adding my custom biome




GameRegistry.removeBiome(); // for temporarily blocking the vanilla biomes


don't reflect at all when I run the client/server. This DOES work perfectly when I use regular singleplayer, but the server seems to completely ignore the commands. Any world I generate with the server consists of solely the vanilla biome list.


Is there some other command I have to issue to get the server to register these changes, or am I just missing something stupid?

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Well, after poking around in the server configuration, it appears that the default FML/MCP server.properties has the server configured as level-type=LARGEBIOMES. And after looking in the implementation of GameRegistry.addBiome, it appears that it only adds (or removes) biomes from WorldType.DEFAULT.


I set the level-type to default, and it works perfectly now. I suppose I could make the biomes work on Large Biomes as well if I wanted to do it manually, but at least it works.

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Thank you for getting back to answer your own post when you solved the problem!

This will help out others whom are searching for answers!


If you could be so kind to add [solved] to your title, it would be great!

Thanks :)

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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