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Texture pack loading


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I am a beginner in minecraft modding and this is my first post. Please be mindful of that.

I am currently trying to create a gun mod with sights and I already created a sniper that changes FOV and draws a 2d texture on the screen using the code activated when wearing a pumpkin on your head.

I now want to know if it is possible to create a thermic sight. I had an idea : what if I rendered the screen twice (once to see everything around you and once for the sight) and changed the texture pack to have everything colored in blue except mobs and players.

Is this possible and what do I need for this to be in the game? I saw nowhere how to load a texture pack with code and I tried to find where the client does this without any success.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Resource pack sounds like a really bad idea. As soon as someone adds a new block it will no longer be affected by you resource pack.

What I would instead try to do is try to implement a custom shader. (Like the super secret settings.) But I have never seen anyone do this in forge before.

I would be very interested if you somehow manage to pull this of.

Here could be your advertisement!

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I am currently learning to code in opengl and glsl so maybe I can manage this but it doesn't help me differenciate entities from blocks. At best I can make a blue sight (FUN !). But your point is correct as it prevents any mod compatibility from existing.

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I don't know if many or any mods do this in 1.12 but I managed to manually load a shader which sets to zero all non-only-red pixels' green and red. Then I used reflection to replace the RenderManager with my special one which sets mobs colors to red.

I think I can create my first full mod using this.

Also redstone stays red which looks cool in my opinion.



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