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World Corruption 1.7.10

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Hi guys,


Hoping someone can help me resolve an issue i've been having when playing on a modded single player with Forge (Via Twitch Client, if that helps).


The issue is simply - Whenever i log out of a world after playing, the world is completely corrupt - according to Minecraft. (See below)



The only time this seems to happen - is when i have both Forge Essentials and Multiworld installed and enabled (since that's what i've been trying to test to have multiple worlds), if i disable them both, i have no issues (that's with the other 70 or so mods installed).

Can't say i've seen an issue like this before - but i can't seem to resolve it, nor would know where to start.


If anyone has any brilliant ideas - that'd be much appriciated.


If you need any other info, please let me know.





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