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Some people say KillAura = ForceField, but that's not true. On several forums that i have seen in the past, people are often mistaken about several hacks.

  • KillAura is a hack in which the user has the ability to hit people even though they are not facing the same direction. 
  • ForceField is a crazy hack in which the user cannot be hurt by any entity.
  • Reach hacks are perhaps the most common, even existing in hypixel which has a good Watchdogreportsystem. I have seen hacking in which a person hit me, but i could not. In Cubecraft, which has not thorough system of punishing or banning hackers, i have seen one such unique hacker. I was trying to defend our egg, but our base was losing. Meanwhile, i was in a corner of a tree in the map ( Hut ) and i was trying to defend myself. However, a probable hacker was hitting me at a range of at least 7 blocks, or even 10. At the time, i was also using a hacked client with KillAura, ForceField, and Reach, but i could not kill him. (I used Wolfram, its one of the best.)


        Overall, these are the hacks that cause the most issues in servers. I hope hacking is banned.

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