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Mutated Mobs Mod[WIP]


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Mutated Mobs is a mod that fuses two entities into one strong being . 

Currently mod adds 9 mutant to the game, 6 hostile and 2 neutral and 1 passive. 
Every mob gets some unique attribute or abillity of both previous creatures, so be aware of that! 



Blaze Skeleton: 
- Has 50 hp. 
- Immune to fire. 
- Shoots Flaming Arrows. 
- Can Fly & No fall Damage. 
- Deals extra damage to burning enemy. 
- Can be killed by water. 
- Drops Blaze rods, Bones, Arrows. 

Ender Golem: 
- Has 140 hp. 
- No fall damage. 
- Can pickup and throw tnt. 
- Can pickup any usefull or rare block. 
- Acts same as iron golem. 
- Can teleport around. 
- Is immune to water & projectiles. 
- Will attack you if you look at him. 
- Drops ?. 

Ender Skeleton: 
- Has 60 hp. 
- Teleports around like enderman. 
- Can spawn with melee weapon or a bow. 
- Doesn't burn on day time. 
- Can teleport around. 
- Drops Bones, Arrows, Ender pearls. 

- Has 36 hp. 
- Is immune to fire. 
- When angry will charge at his enemy. 
- Comes in two different forms, child and grown up. 
- Neutral by default. 
- Will leap at target as a spider. 
- Can climb walls. 
- Drops Gold nuggets, String, Spider Eyes, Golden Sword. 

Shulker Ghast: 
- Has 40 hp. 
- Acts same as a ghast. 
- Also will shoot out up to 10 Shulker bullets. 
- 2x Smaller then the ghast. 
- Drops Ghast Tears. 

Slime Creeper: 
- Has 4 hp * Current Size. 
- Acts same as a creeper. 
- Explosion radius depends on current size. 
- Will split into smaller slime creepers on death. 
- Has 2 times faster speed then original creeper. 
- Drops Slimeballs, Gun powder. 

Spider Guardian: 
- 50hp 
- Will reflect 1.25x damage on melee attack. 
- Can climb walls and swim fast in water. 
- Will give Nausea, Slowness and Mining Fatigue on attack. 
- Attacks melee. 
- Hates Squids, Villagers and Golems. 

Spider Creeper: 
- 36hp 
- Can climb walls. 
- Has a 25% chance to explode when below 18hp. 
- Has a 3x radius of explosion 

Spider Pig: 

- 26hp 
- Can climb walls. 
- Ridable and fully controlable. 
- Can climb walls while is being ridden. 
- On Lightning Strike becomes Zombie(Spider) Pigman. 
- Doesn't take fall damage. 
- Passive mob, that will never attack.


Download here:

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