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[1.12] Custom recipe manager [SOLVED]


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I have around 200 recipes that I registered in the code in 1.11. I built my mod in a way I could store recipes when I initialize my blocks. Everything was automatic that way. With the introduction of recipe .json files in 1.12, I noticed that I'm forced to use them. Now it seems that I will have to make a program that would convert all of my recipes into .json files. Is there a way to make a 'custom' crafting manager, aka can I do something so I can still register recipes from the code and if so what do I do?

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It's still possible to register recipes from code, but they should be migrated to JSON where possible. If needed, you can create your own recipe, ingredient and condition factories to use from JSON.


Now that recipes are managed by a registry, IRecipe implements IForgeRegistryEntry and instances can be registered in RegistryEvent.Register<IRecipe>.

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