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  1. I am having an issue now where when I spawn my mob in, the game crashes when it starts trying to spawn particles around the entity. I have it set up where the user can specify the particles in the configs and it also allows them to use more than 1 particle. Because of this I have to use an array (protected static ParticleType<?>[] particleType;) to handle the particles. But when I fill the array and use it my editor is telling me I need to cast ParticleType to IParticleData, which cannot be done. How can I still use this array and also give the method the IParticleData it wants?
  2. I'm creating a block based on the minecraft chorus plant block. To maintain compatibility I'm using the json forge. The question is if I wrote json correctly, although it is working as expected. Forge json: { "forge_marker": 1, "variants": { "north": { "true": { "submodel": "examplemod:chorus_plant_side" }, "false": { "submodel": { "noside": [ { "model": "examplemod:chorus_plant_noside", "weight": 2 }, { "model": "examplemod:chorus_pla
  3. So I'm trying to make a silly "mobile furnace". I have it mostly functional, but (inventory) items don't update on the client unless you reopen the GUI, and I feel like I'm doing something horribly, deeply wrong, as this should probably not be the case for any use of Container/IInventory (because detectAndSendChanges). I've been studying the TileEntityFurnace/TileEntityChest classes a LOT trying to figure out what to do here. But it's really really hard to do things, since there are no instances of items, so I can't use class variables or whatever. That's fine, I'll just load from
  4. Hey Team Forge - I have a question, very similar to this thread at the very bottom of this post answered back in July '17. I have seen crashes like the below reported on Animania reported since its launch 9 months ago. It does appear to be "heap pollution", as you suspect, as it only occurs in multi-mod environments (where at least one of the mods adds other custom entities) and in a server environment. There is nothing in my code that would or could even change the stored value from an Integer to a Boolean (that's just weird). Based on all evidence it is externally created, and ca
  5. I'm trying to figure out how to get a player's Doggy Talents dogs and have all of their information saved on a separate file on the machine; and finally, when the player use the whistle item to call their dogs, it should (basically) recreate the dog using the data that was saved previously and have the 'new' dog spawn around the either the dog's owner or whoever used the whistle. However, there is some issues i need addressed, which are the following below: What would be the best and most reasonable way of doing this How can I actually save what is inside the dog's inventory, as th
  6. There is a WIP PR for documentation on this that has everything that is on this tutorial, and will soon have more such as Items and Entities. Here is a link to the PR. In this tutorial I will be explaining how to use the Animation State Machine or Forge's Animation System on a TileEntity, though this can be applied to Items or Entities as well. Let's start off easy, with the code for the Block, TileEntity and the binding of the TESR. Block TileEntity TESR Binding This is where the confusion comes from for the animation system. The
  7. My custom portal works perfectly if i face south or north(same yaw and pitch after teleport), but not when i face east or west. Then im rotated 90° facing the portal frame. Im using exactly the same code as the normal teleporter, setting the lastPortalPos, lastPortalVec, teleportDirection via Reflection(which does work). https://github.com/Dragonisser/CobaltMod-2
  8. The title itself sounds a bit confusion but here's a more explained version of it. Basically, I added in code that would give the dogs in the DoggyTalents mod genders. I have all of that working however, I want to have it togglable, in case some people do not like having genders in the game, so I added a configuration to it aswell. I have the configurations and checking system working.. but when I switch off the setting, the dogs that have a gender do not "lose" their gender, they still maintain it, as well as if I go and turn the switch on, the dogs that didn't have a gender at all does not g
  9. Hi there, I've implemented myself the A* algorithm (mainly just for the purpose of learning) as seen below and looking for a way to test the code with JUnit and improvements. I'm also looking for reviews on best-practice and performance! Just to note, the implementation works in 2D space within the 3D world of Minecraft. public class AStar { /** * A {@link HashSet} of {@link Node} which holds all nodes which have been examined. * Some may refer to this as the <code>interior</code>. */ private HashSet<Node> cl
  10. Hey Forgers. I've just discovered a bug in Animania where when I register the Universal Bucket for one the cows' milks, it registers all Universal Buckets (e.g., slop, or liquids from other mods) into that category "listAllmilk" in OreDictionary. Here's the relevant code ItemStack milkHolstein = UniversalBucket.getFilledBucket(ForgeModContainer.getInstance().universalBucket, BlockHandler.fluidMilkHolstein); OreDictionary.registerOre("listAllmilk", milkHolstein); I know UniversalBucket.getFilledBucket is deprecated, but that does not seem to be the issue. Even trying F
  11. How is something like the variable Color in Leather Armour and Potions done? What methods does the Item class need?
  12. I have been slowing getting this thing working again and now I have found a chunk that is not working. I setup an int array which carries potion effect ids. When I cycle through it right after it is set, it has the correct information, but when I cycle through it to actually use the stored ids, for some reason it is empty. All other variable seem to work, except this one and possibly the arrays for the duration and amplification for each effect. I am declaring the variable here: https://github.com/saxon564/MoChickens/blob/master/src/main/java/com/saxon564/mochickens/entities/mobs/
  13. Basically, I want to make it so you need to have researched about a specific item before you can "know" how to craft it. I can't find a similar question anywhere and I have no idea where to start. I assume I'll be using forge events to detect if the player actually crafted the item. Which should be simple. But then... making it so there's no output... that'll probably be a bit more difficult. So yeah, any pointers would be helpful. I think I've got a decent grasp on the whole java stuff so I don't need like super detailed explanations... I think.
  14. I am experiencing a NullPointerExeption when adding a default/preset server to the server list. If you don't know what this means, the mod is adding a server by default into the user's server list when they run the mod. Here is my code: package com.geometrically.pixelmon; import net.minecraft.client.multiplayer.ServerData; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod.EventHandler; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod.Instance; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.event.FMLInitializationEvent; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.event.FMLPost
  15. I have around 200 recipes that I registered in the code in 1.11. I built my mod in a way I could store recipes when I initialize my blocks. Everything was automatic that way. With the introduction of recipe .json files in 1.12, I noticed that I'm forced to use them. Now it seems that I will have to make a program that would convert all of my recipes into .json files. Is there a way to make a 'custom' crafting manager, aka can I do something so I can still register recipes from the code and if so what do I do?
  16. TL;DR reproduction case: import net.minecraft.item.Item; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.event.FMLPostInitializationEvent; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.event.FMLPreInitializationEvent; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry; import org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger; @Mod(modid = "itemstackholder") public class ISHMod { private Logger logger; @GameRegistry.ObjectHolder("minecraft:iron_bars") private static Item itemIronBars; @GameRegistry.ItemStackHolder("m
  17. Hello I'll try to explain this by using spruce wood texture as an example since generalizing it would be a little difficult for you to understand. As far as I know, Minecraft uses a Map for all textures used by blocks (I'm probably wrong). What I want to do is take the spruce wood texture, make a copy of it, and rename and rotate that same texture and then "give" it to Minecraft to use it. I was wondering if I'm even able to do so (in an easier way) and if there is a way, how can I do it? P.S. Again the spruce wood texture is just an example, I have loads of other texture
  18. Hello modding Forge friends - I've been experimenting with BiomeDictionary recently, for WorldGen as well as for Entity Spawns. Today, doing some local testing on Inventory Pets, and noticed that when I started using BiomeDictionary for WorldGen I started seeing client chunk ticking. There's nothing special in my implementation. AFTER Biome biomegenbase = world.getBiome(new BlockPos(Xcoord, 60, Zcoord)); if(BiomeDictionary.hasType(biomegenbase, Type.FOREST)) { int Ycoord = 60 + random.nextInt(60); new WorldGenTreeTop(false).generate(world, random
  19. Hello again In my mod, I have a 'property' called placement mode (it's just a custom object) that, as the name says, determines how a block is going to be placed, aka what properties should be set when placed in that mode. If I were to make this mod Client-Only, there wouldn't be any problems, however, I want this mod to be run on servers too and this is a client-specific property. What I want to do with it is send its ID to the server when a player tries to place the block right before the block itself is placed(or the code for the placement is run). So how could I accomplish that
  20. Hi, I'm currently struggling with the hole energy system stuff. I've worked myself so far into the Capabilities that I can work with the Tesla Energy system and Forge Energy system and I know that mods who support both have some kind of internal energy. My problem now is that I've got no idea how I can combine all the pieces of Forge Energy and Tesla Energy together, so that my machines can work with boths. And I definitly don't want to have thousands of lines twice just because if-else cases for checking the which energy system is used and stuff lik
  21. I am creating a mod someone, for a lets play series, and they want something like skyfactory. I want to create a default world that when an SP or a MP world is created, it will just override the world gen functions and replace it with this world. I have been searching for a couple hours now through MC's source code and haven't found a thing. Can anyone help me?
  22. Hey everyone, I am working on a custom GuiContainer in 1.11. I know that my problem is related to adding Slots to the Container. I added the code for my Custom Container, if you think the problem is elsewhere I will post related files public class ContainerBackpack extends Container{ private final int HOTBAR_SLOT_COUNT = 9; private final int PLAYER_INVENTORY_ROW_COUNT = 3; private final int PLAYER_INVENTORY_COLUMN_COUNT = 9; private final int PLAYER_INVENTORY_SLOT_COUNT = PLAYER_INVENTORY_COLUMN_COUNT * PLAYER_INVENTORY_ROW_COUNT; private final in
  23. So, I send a packet that contains one NBTTagCompound containing a lot of data(Mostly inventories within a tile entity). Unfortunately, it seems to be too large, since I get the following crash upon sending. http://paste.ubuntu.com/24062837/ My question to you is, how do you suggest I redesign the system to reduce the packet size? My current way of doing things involves sending the packet to the client just before the GUI opens. This packet contains all of the entity's data, including inventory, which the client needs or else it will crash upon opening the GUI. The creation
  24. As the tittle says, I want to render a 2D texture/image in 3D in the same way Minecraft does items - the 2D image is rendered in 3D, with the 3rd dimension being 1 pixel thickness. The block I want to make is going to be a Block Entity, EDIT: To make myself clear. I'm making a block, that has it's own block entity and a special renderer. I'll have to use the special renderer since I'll have too many combinations.
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