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[1.12.x] Change light hue, possible?


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Can it be done? I want to create objects that emit different colored light. Right now we have only one light type that I can see, I'll call it torch-light for simplicity. It's the same as sun-light in comparison. I see that we have multiple shades of it as the sun goes down and comes up. The shades can be seen as you move towards a light source and away from it in dark areas.


I would like to have the light be a different hue tho. 16 of them, well black wouldn't be a color, so at least 15.


Is it possible to do easily? Can it be achieved with a trick (shortcut)? or will it require dark java magic like ASM or CoreModding?

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13 hours ago, XFactHD said:

That would require an insane amount of dark java magic. You would essentialy rewrite the complete lighting system. Some people have achieved this in the past and there is even be an up-to-date mod that does this (https://github.com/elytra/Albedo).

I would say make your mod require or be compatible with Albedo. The readme on that GitHub page tells you how to make it compatible.

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