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[1.11.2] Memory leak triggered when traveling between Overworld and Nether

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I have noticed when travelling between nether and the overworld, the memory consumption slowly grows until the server eventually 1. becomes unresponsive or 2. terminates because it runs out of memory. Often times, the problem gets worse as the map ages. I created a brand new server and map with zero mods and was able to replicate the issue, making me think this is forge related.


This problem was recorded using forge-1.11.2- and java 1.8.0_144. This problem was first discovered in 1.10.2 for me and my fellow players and may have existed long before then for all we know.


FML log file can be found here:



Regular (console?) log file can be found here:



Please also note, that even though we are using Multicraft to manage starting/stopping the JVM, this problem is present whether or not we use Multicraft or any server management software for that matter.

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I'm sorry this may be a no-brainer to someone, or perhaps I didn't follow to posting guidelines correctly (I used Pastebin because the logs are very long and mostly repetitive)?

If so, how can I post this to be in compliance? Should I make a new thread using spoilers?

I would very much appreciate any help with this.

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