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Creating Custom Event


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I know you are suppose to extend the event class then register it with forge event bus. I don't know how your suppose to get the variables from vanilla and stop vanilla from doing it's function nor how/when to manually fire it. 


I need the event to fire upon creation of any tile entity into the world as a pre-initialization so I don't  use asm for removing tile entities. Then I need to grab variables... Tile Entity,World,BlockPos,BlockState. 


Basically I am asking how to create the event with it registers, when/how to manually fire it with a pre and post,grabbing vanilla variables, runs on server and client....

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4 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Events that hook into vanilla require patches to vanilla.

What are you trying to do with this event? Why do you need an event for every TileEntity initialization? A similar event already exists using AttachCapabilitiesEvent, but it may not be what you want.


Please explain your intended functionality.

I am trying to delete any invalid tile entity since my utility mod can replace them with new ones. For example the mob spawner. However setblock ~ ~ ~ mob_spawner crashes....  Then after that I need to replace it with the new one once I got the proper event.


is this for 1.7.10 as well. I am trying to finish the utility mod for 1.7.10 then port to newer versions because, I am tired of porting back and forth when still in heavy dev.

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