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Hyperia [Magic] [Quests] [Story]


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IP:  play.hyperiamc.com

Minecraft version: 1.9 > 1.12

What is Hyperia?
Hyperia is a story mixed with some anime inspirations and its own original storyline.
At the moment, we're starting with Fairy Tail {Created and Drawn by Hiro Mashima.}
In the future we'll be adding more anime taken from suggestions!
This however does not mean that Hyperia is a Fairy Tail server.
It only has a inspired spells, builds and characters.
There is a possibility of a Fairy Tail server in the future along with other anime!

You start in a village from where you need to escape and awaken your magic potential.
There are two sides in this story. The Tenebrium Order or the Clarium Order.
Your quests will depend on the side you have chosen.
There will be random storyline events hosted by the staff members as well.
That could consist of fighting the other side, finding a specfic item, different games or fighting a common boss enemy.
There is no end to the storyline quests as more and more will be coming as time goes on by.

When you select a specific side you will be able to join a guild of that side.
Many guilds will rule the land and you will be given the choice to apply to the one you most feel comfortable with!
You will be tested by the guild master and then accepted or denied accordingly.
Guilds also have specific events hosted by staff.
Guilds also have Grand Tournaments every month to decide which guild takes the crown of being the most powerful!
The guildmembers will be chosen for the tournament according to the guild master in their specific tests or quests.
Being part of the Clarium order means you cannot join Tenebrium Guilds and vice-versa for the Tenebrium Order.
Guilds have 4 ranks: C B A S

Arenas are available anytime during your journey in Hyperia.
You can fight anyone you like.
Specific rules apply however.
1v1s or 2v2s are allowed.

The spells are made possible thanks to the MagicSpells plugin!
The magic is inspired from Fairy Tail
It consists of Elemental magic, Dragon Slayer magic, Celestial magic, Requip magic and more found in Fairy Tail.

When you join a guild, you will be given the choice to choose from quests in different levels. 
Remember Storyline quests and guild quests are two different things.
Guild quests are on guild boards.
New and Old quests will be added/switched around.
Quests vary from finding items,meeting npcs,fighting mobs or even players!

We use a wonderful plugin called MythicMobs!
It gives us the ability to configure in custom mobs with various abilities!
The mobs consist from animals, mages, bosses, other creatures
They can use magic or weapons.
They can be found in quest areas or forests.

Three major towns exist for this Beta.
Magnolia, Edelweiss and Sage
There are also 2 villages.
We hope you will enjoy your stay!
Happy questing.




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