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Mob Spawner Issues


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Ok, I am trying to get my custom mob to spawn from a mob spawner.


My Mod File has


EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(EntityBarbarian.class, "Barbarian", EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId(), 32324, 2243);
	        EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityBarbarian.class, "Barbarian", EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId(), this, 160, 1, true);
	        LanguageRegistry.instance().addStringLocalization("entity.Barbarian.name", "Barbarian");
	    	EntityRegistry.addSpawn(EntityBarbarian.class, 8, 1, 3, EnumCreatureType.monster, BarbariansMain.VillageBiome);


So it spawns naturally too..


My Mob Spawner code is..


           TileEntityMobSpawner TEMS = (TileEntityMobSpawner)world.getBlockTileEntity(blockX+2, blockY, blockZ+2);
    			            if (TEMS != null)


Yet of course.. It always shows a Pig... :P


Any Help pls ?


Also is there a way of getting a custom mob into a mob spawner that will spawn during the day and night ?


Thanks in advance,



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I can get it to spawn correctly, but I need to alter other settings of the Spawner (min Delay, max Delay etc..)


But for the life of me I can find no info on how to do this..


I tried creating my own TileEntityBarbarianMobSpawner.class and TileEntityBarbarianMobSpawnerSpawnData.class as I can alter all the settings in there, but am unsuccessful..


I always get the error..


net.minecraft.tileentity.TileEntityMobSpawner cannot be cast to cm.barbarians.src.TileEntityBarbarianMobSpawner


I assume this is because we are applying this to the MobSpawner block, and in there is the line...


public TileEntity createNewTileEntity(World par1World)
        return new TileEntityMobSpawner();



Are there any Forge Hooks for altering other Mob Spawner settings other than MobID?? (and if not why the hell not :P) !!

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Another issue related..


I am trying to spawn a number of barbarians with the placement of a hut in the WorldGen..


my code is..


  //Create a barbarian entity in the current world
		                    EntityBarbarian barbarian = new EntityBarbarian(world);

		                    //Set entity(barbarian) properties (LocationAndAngles is required)
		                    barbarian.setLocationAndAngles(blockX + 8, blockY+2 , blockZ + 8, world.rand.nextFloat() * 360.0F, 0.0F);
		                    //Spawn entity in world


But this doesn't spawn any mobs..


My Mob is a monster, but is overridden so it can spawn during the day...

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