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Run some code in background


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In my mod, I use the Java URLConnection to connect to a website and get some stats. I connect to the website with a TickEvent.ClientTickEvent event, but it takes like 2-3 sec so the game freeze during this time.  Is this possible to run this code in a background thread or something that will not freeze the game ?

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10 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

This is definitely not a "just do X" question. Multithreading is a difficult topic, especially in Minecraft, since most of the game's code is not threadsafe.


  • Yes, you need some kind of thread, but you almost never want to use the raw thread API. Use an Executor resp. ExecutorService.
  • URLConnection is terrible. Use the Apache HttpClient that is included with Minecraft already.

Thank, I will try this.

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