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1.11.2 Eclipse Method getRegistryName and getUnlocalizedName are undefined


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I'm new with modding and I wanted to create a Item. Now,  this is my Item Class


package items;

import com.FlinnX.MoreMaterials.Reference;
import net.minecraft.item.Item;

public class ItemObsidianingot extends Item {

	public ItemObsidianingot() {


And this is my References Class

package com.FlinnX.MoreMaterials;

public class Reference {

	//Fundemental Mod Variables
	public static final String MOD_ID = "fmm"; //ID of the Mod: FlinnxMOreMAterials
	public static final String NAME = "More Materials Mod"; //The Name
	public static final String VERSION = "0.1-alpha"; //The Version of the Mod
	public static final String ACCEPTED_VERSIONS = "[1.11.2]"; //The Version it will be playable on
	public static final String CLIENT_PROXY_CLASS = "com.FlinnX.MoreMaterials.proxy.ClientProxy"; //Client Proxy Location
	public static final String SERVER_PROXY_CLASS = "com.FlinnX.MoreMaterials.proxy.ServerProxy"; //Server Proxy Location
	public static enum MoreMaterialsItems {
		OBSIDIANINGOT("obsidianingot", "ItemObsidianingot");
		private String unlocalizedName;
		private String registryName;
		MoreMaterialsItems(String unlocalizedName, String registryName) {
			this.unlocalizedName = unlocalizedName;
			this.registryName = registryName;


This is my Error:


The method getRegistryName() is undefined for the type Reference.MoreMaterialsItems

The method getUnlocalizedName() is undefined for the type Reference.MoreMaterilasItems


I saw that another user had this error and someone suggested that he should rename the enum. I tried this out too but it didn't worked.

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You're missing definitions for unlocalizedName and registryName. I would add them here:


public String getUnlocalizedName() {
  			return unlocalizedName;
public String getRegistryName() {
  			return registryName;

Just throw those underneath your MoreMaterialsItems in your Reference class, and it should solve your problem.


2 hours ago, Differentiation said:

you don't put that in your reference, obviously the two methods are going to be underfined...

Putting them in your reference class fine, the OP just blatantly decided not to define them.

Follow these rules when talking to me, and we'll get along fine.

1).I know Java fairly well. I don't know as much about modding. They are not the same, don't compare them.

2). I consider myself to always be learning. I make mistakes, you make mistakes. Who doesn't?

3). Insult me, and I will leave the thread. I have a real life, I don't have time to throw petty insults in a Minecraft Modding forum.


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