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  1. Hey, Pretty simple question: is it possible to specify a color for the firework spark particle effect when spawning it? Thanks
  2. Are you using a batch file to run the .jar file?
  3. Are those the only three events where I would need to write to the client?
  4. Well I tried doing that, but every time I clone or log off and back on, it resets the value of that capability on the client
  5. Hey, Basically, I'm modifying the player's reach with a command (changes reach value in the player's capability), and I need to sync this data to the client (because I want to show the attack indicator next to the cursor if the reach is long and the player is pointing at an entity). Currently (and I'm sort of getting the vibe that I'm not doing this too correctly): I send a packet to the client if the corresponding player has extended reach in the update event. This packet basically adds a custom string tag to the player's tag list (on the client) to let it know that t
  6. Hey, I know there's an event fired for when an entity joins the world. Is there a similar one for when an entity leaves the world? I need to set one of my projectile entity's thrower to null when they leave the world. This projectile also can be spawned with entities such as zombies, so i need an event that would work for both players and entities. Any help is appreciated Thank you
  7. Hey The title might be misleading. What I'm actually trying to do is change the player's attack reach for certain weapons (adding items like daggers, which will have a 2.5 block reach instead of the default reach distance). I've accomplished this. However, I'm the little indicator that appears under the cursor (the one that indicates the weapon is ready to attack) appears when I'm the default reach distance away from the entity as well. I want to change that so it will appear when I'm the item's reach blocks away from the entity. I'm having a hard time finding where mc impleme
  8. 1.12.2 and below are not supported on this forum sry ;-; @diesieben07
  9. Do you happen to know which classes need my custom class over SlotItemHandler? My IDE search is at the moment is showing me errors when searching.
  10. Hey! I'm trying to open an inventory container to the player which the player cannot interact wither (take items from it and put inside their inventory). However, I can't find methods that satisfy this. Is there any simple way to accomplish this? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  11. Which methods exactly? I'm not seeing any TextFormatting works for the NBT, I just don't know how to add action and hover events for certain words
  12. Hey! I wanna open a written book GUI with text that has ActionEvent and HoverEvent (to use ITextComponent). However, the NBT only accepts String. Is there any way I can do this? Thanks
  13. I don't quite understand what you mean by PR Basically create my own event? I'm not really sure how to create an event like that
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