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Can't join server, dispacther exeception


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The issue alwas appears if your are changing dimensions which ends up in false coordinates and dieing in a wall.

I use Forge 1.12.2 - (but also appears in previous versions) with the following mods:


    • BetterFps 
    • Foam Fix

    • Optifine

    • Bed Bugs    
    • Bloodmoon 
    • Quick Leaf Decay
    • Infinite Fluids

    • NotEnoughIDs

    • JEI 
    • Just Enough Resources

    • Better HUD 

    • HWYLA 
      + Waila Harvestability 
    • Inventory Tweaks 
    • JourneyMap 
    • NoMoreRecipeConflict 

    • Hunger Overhaul 
      + AppleCore (Core Mod)
       + AppleSkin 
    • Hunger in Peace 
      + AppleCore (Core Mod)

    • Baubles

    • Biomes O' Plenty 
    • Nature
      +Mantle (Core Mod)
    • Plants 
    • Streams
      + Farseek (Core Mod)
    • Simple Gravel Ores 
    • Gravestone mod - Graves 
      + Gravestone mod - Extended 
    • NetherEX 
    • Ore Shrubs 

    • Sugi Forest
    • Waystones 

    • Animania
      + CraftStudio API (API)
    • Ender Zoo 
    • DrZhark's Mo' Creatures
      + Custom Mob Spawner 

    • Abyssalcraft
      + Abyssacraft Integration
    • The Twilight Forest

    • Extra Utilities 2

      + ExU2 – Cursed Earth Ritual

    • OpenBlocks
      +OpenModsLib (Programmbibliothek)
    • Random Things 
    • Dark Utilities 
      + Bookshelf  (Programmbibliothek)

    • Ceramics
    • Chicken Chunks 1,8+ 
      + CodeChicken Lib 1,8+ (Programmbiblothek)
    • Chisels and Bits
      +Extra Bit Manipulation
    • Chisel 

      +  ConnectedTexturesMod
      + Unlimited Chisel Works

    • DecoCraft2 
    • Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod
    • MalisisBlocks 

      + MalisisDoors 
      + MalisisCore (Core Mod)
    • SecretRoomsMod 

    • Pam's Harvestcraft 

    • Food Expansion 
    • Cooking for Blockheads 

    • Iron Chests 
    • Iron Backpacks

    • EnderTanks
      + ShetiPhianCore (Core Mod)
    • Multi Storage 

      + ShetiPhianCore (Core Mod)

    • Storage Drawers
      + Chameleon (Programmbibliothek)

      + Storage Drawers Extras 

    • BiblioCraft 
     • Black Hole Storage 
      + Hammer Core (Core Mod)
    • Draconic Evolution 
      + Brandon's Core (Core Mod)

      + CodeChicken Lib 1.8+ (Programmbibliothek)

      + Redstone Flux (RF-API)
    • Environmental Tech 
      + ValkyrieLib (Programmbibliothek)
      + ET Lunar 
      +Envorinmental Materials

    • Extreme Reactors
      + ZeroCore (Core Mod)

    • Forestry 
      + More Bees
      + Gendustry
      + BdLib (Programmbibliothek)
      + Magic Bees

      +Binnie's Mod
    • Hopper Ducts 

    • Immersive Engineering 

      +Immersive Tech
      +Immersive Petroleum
    • Industrial Foregoing
      + Tesla Core Lib (Programmbibliothek)
      + Forgelin (Programmbibliothek und Laufzeitumgebng)
      + Integration Foregoing

    • Mob Grinding Utils 
    • Redstone Paste 

    • RFTools 
      + McJtyLib (Programmbibliothek)
      + RFTools Dimensions 
    • Simply Jetpacks 2
    • Solar Flux Reborn 
      + Hammer Core (Core Mod)
      + Redstone Flux (RF-API)

    • Thermal Foundation 
         + CoFH Core (Core Mod)
      + Redstone Flux (RF-API)
      + CoFH World 
      + Thermal Expansion 
      + CodeChicken Lib 1.8+ (Programmbibliothek)

      + Thermal Dynamics
      + Industrial Expansion 

    • Unidict 
      + WanionLib (Programmbibliothek)
    • Actually Additions
      +Actually Baubles

    • Deep Resonance
      +McJtyLib (Programmbibliothek)
      +ElecCore | Rendering Library
    • Mekanism
      +Mekanism Generators
      +Mekanism Tools
    • Tech Reborn
      +Reborn Core (Core Mod)
    • ViesCraft – Airships
    • NuclearCraft
    • Flux Networks

      +Sonar Core (Core Mod)
    • OpenComputers

    • Applied Energestics 2
    • AE2 Stuff

      + BdLib (Programmbibliothek)

    • ExtraCells2

    • Evilcraft
    • Botania

    • Soul Schards: The Old Ways
    • Roots 2
    • Reliquary 

    • Mystical Agriculture 
      + Cucumber (Programmbibliothek)
      + Mystical Agradditions 

    • Not Enough Wands 
      +McJtyLib (Programmbibliothek)

    • Tinkers Contruct 2

      + Mantle (Coremod)

    • Tinkers' Tool Leveling 

    • PlusTiC 
     • Moar Tinkers

    • Tinkers' Addons

    • Tinkers' Complement 

    • Tinker I/O 
      +Redstone Flux (RF-API)

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On 2-1-2018 at 8:53 PM, Big_Bad_E said:

the FML log?

As said before, post the FML log (logs/fml-client-latest.log in your game directory).

Don't PM me with questions. They will be ignored! Make a thread on the appropriate board for support.


1.12 -> 1.13 primer by williewillus.


1.7.10 and older versions of Minecraft are no longer supported due to it's age! Update to the latest version for support.



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It says Timed Out.
The Client is taking too long to connect to Server and therefor the 30 second timeout limit closes the connection. If you want to fix this issue go into where you have the batch file setup to run the server, edit it to have this parameter  -Dfml.readTimeout=512 So in my example I have it set to start java -Xmx4G -Xms2G -Dfml.readTimeout=512 -jar forge-1.12.2- nogui (make sure you keep the RAM Max and Min amounts to what you had them to before). The normal Timeout is 30 seconds but i set it to 512 when using Modded versions of the game because some of my friends have really slow computers and takes them awhile to connect. Hope this help and let me know if you need any further help. If this doesn't work you can also try adding -Dfml.readTimeout=512 into the client side aswell. Go into minecraft versions and enable advanced settings and then check JVM Arguments and add it somewhere in there. Make sure it is separated from the other stuff with a space.

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8 minutes ago, ElmanI335 said:

i have the same probleme my server is running in a Kali Linux machine but when someone join after 5 minute it saying NetworkDispatcher exception  does anyone have fix


Update to a modern version of Minecraft and make your own thread if you still have problems.

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