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Remote camera view and intercepting keystrokes


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I need a bit of help in doing the following tasks:


1 - intercept keyboard directional commands so the player object doesn't move, and lets me work on that input.

2 - Use that input to control a remote camera.


What kind of support is there in Forge for these tasks? If this isn't possible then it's quite alright as I'm researching what's doable, for a mod I'm in the planning phases of. If I can't intercept the movement commands and redirect them to a remote camera, then this enhancement I won't be able to do.


On a side note, if it is doable, does the remote camera/view use absolute reference to the world or relative to the player icon? If it's relative then I'm not sure it'll work as if the player gets hit by a zombie, the camera view should NOT jump which is what I am afraid a relative offset will do.


I have looked at the code but apparently there is something I'm missing.



I've programmed in a few other languages, C++, C#, perl, so I've a few years of experience.. but I do NOT have that experience with Java so this is new territory for me. If there is someone here who was in a similar boat and has advice to help me get up to speed, that would be appreciated as well.

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