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[1.12.2] Registering a custom Player Renderer


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I have been experimenting with custom flying recently, enabling elytra-like flight when a certain piece of armor is worn by using a EntityPlayerMP.setElytraFlying() method called from a PlayerTickEvent.

While this works, I believe it is not a good way to do that because every tick the player will check for worn elytra (Thanks, Mojang, for using == Items.ELYTRA instead of an instanceof()!) and unset the flag. As such, I want to calculate the physics independently. But this brings another problem: the vanilla RenderPlayer rotates the model by checking the isElytraFlying(). This means I'll need a custom player renderer to apply similar rotations to a non-Elytra flying player.

I tried to create a "RenderPlayerCustom extends RenderPlayer" class, but cannot register it with the Rendering Registry - the "RenderPLayerCustom::new" part is erroring.

Could you please give me a tip on how to substitute the vanilla player renderer?

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