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[1.12.2] Armor Worn Using OBJ File


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Okay, so here's the thing I've been trying to find: a way to render armor using an OBJ model.


I have gotten as far as finding the IModel of the armor, but I can't find anything about rendering it and how to do that, at least nothing up to date. Most resources say to bake it every time, then render it and I know that's not a good idea. The inventory model is different from the worn model, if that means anything. So do I find the model using the baked model system? I think I know how to render it that way if so. Or do I need to use the IModel? If so, how do you render one of those?


The entire rendering system here just seems like a mess and I am not that good with the old GL styles so I often get completely lost when those methods are employed. I mean the entire GLStateManager concept took some getting use to, I prefer matrices as they are much easier to manage. So some insight on this is really welcomed. I do have some TESRs that work, but this part doesn't seem to function like those at all.

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