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[1.12.2] Custom Villager Trades Help


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Hey guys, 


I'm attempting to implement custom villager trades for a mod I'm working on. I can't seem to get it to work, I followed the instructions here in this article, but I can't get a villager to spawn with the trade I'm wanting to add.

Here's my code:


public class SellTrades implements EntityVillager.ITradeList {
	private ItemStack itemToSell;
	private EntityVillager.PriceInfo sellPrice;
	private boolean enchant;
	public SellTrades(Item sell, EntityVillager.PriceInfo price, boolean shouldBeEnchanted) {
		itemToSell = new ItemStack(sell, 1);
		sellPrice = price;
		enchant = shouldBeEnchanted;
	public SellTrades(ItemStack sell, EntityVillager.PriceInfo price, boolean shouldBeEnchanted) {
		itemToSell = sell;
		sellPrice = price;
		enchant = shouldBeEnchanted;
	public void addMerchantRecipe(IMerchant merchant, MerchantRecipeList recipeList, Random random) {
		if (enchant)
			itemToSell = EnchantmentHelper.addRandomEnchantment(random, new ItemStack(this.itemToSell.getItem(), 1, this.itemToSell.getMetadata()), 5 + random.nextInt(15), false);
		ItemStack itemstack = new ItemStack(Items.EMERALD, sellPrice.getPrice(random));
		recipeList.add(new MerchantRecipe(itemstack, itemToSell));


Which works well. This allows me to specify a new trade with an item the villager is selling, and a price range for the number of emeralds required to buy said item.

So, according to the article linked above, I need to add a recipe to the villagers using my class. Here's how I did that:

VillagerRegistry.VillagerCareer smith = ForgeRegistries.VILLAGER_PROFESSIONS.getValue(new ResourceLocation("minecraft:smith")).getCareer(3);
    smith.addTrade(1, new SellTrades(BlockHandler.iMithrilPickaxe, new EntityVillager.PriceInfo(8, 11), true));

These two lines of code are in my ServerProxy/CommonProxy class. Initially, I had them in my init() method, and then I moved it to my preInit() method. Is this the correct way to register the trade? The article linked above doesn't mention anything about having to register the trade so I'm thinking I don't need to.



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I recommend learning how to use the debug tools to track problems down. You can use the debugger mode of Eclipse to set breakpoints and watch field values and you can use console or logger statements to help trace the execution. So in each of your methods, why don't you put a print statement to make sure it is executing and what the values are at the time of execution? Computers are fully logical so by simply observing the execution you will quickly find any problem.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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